8 in 10 Doctors Now Use Smartphones at Work

8 in 10 Doctors Now Use Smartphones at WorkThe latest Wolters Kluwer Health 2013 Physician Outlook Survey shows that 24% of doctors now use mobile applications at work.

This rapidly expanding usage of apps is made possible by the corresponding fact that 80% of doctors now use smartphones at their practices.

The physicians surveyed indicate that they primarily use smartphones to review drug information. Tablets, on the other hand, are most conducive to medical research.

55% of doctors use both smartphones and tablets on a daily basis.

Professional journals, general browsers, such as Google and Yahoo, and colleagues are the top information sources physicians use in the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care of patients. Usage of general browsers has risen slightly since 2011, when 78% cited them as a frequent or occasional information source versus 80% today.

With mobile devices proving to be efficiency boosters for doctors and healthcare professionals, we’re bound to see an even closer relationship between doctors and mobile tech in the coming years, experts assert.

“Increasing practice efficiency is the number one focus area for physicians over the next three to five years, cited by 48% as a top focus,” the report reads.

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