A Clear or Murky Future for mHealth in Remote Patient Monitoring?

A Clear or Murky Future for mHealth in Remote Patient MonitoringMobile health technology is still a fairly new addition to the healthcare industry, leaving many to speculate exactly what role it will play in the future of modern healthcare management.

Mobile health technology refers to a wide range of products such as smartphone apps, mobile healthcare devices that link to reporting tools, and tracking devices that have the ability to relay information directly back to physicians or professional caretakers.

It is the potential for improved healthcare management, as well as consumer cost savings that leave many wondering if mobile health technology should play a larger role in remote patient monitoring.

Recent clinical studies have been conducted around the globe for a wide variety of remote monitoring needs. The one thing that all studies have in common is that remote monitoring drastically reduces hospitalizations, complications, and improves the overall care for individuals suffering from chronic illness. It is estimated that mobile health technology has the potential to save consumers $36 billion within the next four years, with 75% of that savings being in North America.

The prospect of improved health and wellness has the advocacy organization known as the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) lobbying federal regulators to encourage the adoption of mobile health technology for EHR certification guidelines. TIA has delivered a nine page document detailing their recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT.

While some physicians and healthcare professionals have yet to grasp the benefits of mobile health technology when it comes to their day-to-day operations, evidence shows that if the true focus is to put patients first, making tools and resources easier to access is imminent.

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