Affordable Care Act Advertising: Are Health Insurers Marketing Products Properly?

Affordable Care Act Advertising Are Health Insurers Marketing Products ProperlyThe second year of the Affordable Care Act is just around the corner. The insurance marketplace has been radically remapped, but as long as people need insurance they will need guidance to make wise choices.

Word is that the agents and companies who sell insurance have been fine-tuning their tactics and strategies.

In a story at Promotion World, Andrew Lisa suggests that — though marketing health insurance is not entirely changed — there are definite updates, mostly based on the now available technology and data.

“Insurance companies and agents are relying on old-school consumer marketing tactics to move them forward into the new age of healthcare,” Lisa says. “But they’re mixing those tried-and-true tools with new techniques that are designed to build long-term relationships. The goal is to earn customers for life by offering them a product that never goes obsolete.”

Finding customers is the first step.

“Since new customers, by definition, are uninsured, insurers don’t have internal data on them,” Lisa writes. “This means they have to buy data from companies such as Dun&Bradstreet or Acxiom. Like so many other industries in the digital age, the modern insurance business is tied directly to the data business.”

Of critical importance is mobile marketing. And while blanket texting may not work, new strategies — involving social media and other platforms — are getting a serious look.

“A much more effective strategy has been to incorporate branded videos linked to YouTube,” Lisa says. “So many people – particularly young people who are disproportionately uninsured – search YouTube for information on health insurance.”

It also gives health care companies a bright spot on which to focus: there are increasingly effective ways to “make the customers come to you.”

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