Analyte Health and Teladoc Announce Partnership

Teladoc Services Enter New MarketAnalyte Health, Inc., an integrated health care partner that connects patients and telehealth providers with laboratory testing services, and Teladoc, a leader in telehealth, have just announced a partnership that “delivers lab diagnostics services through the Teladoc telehealth platform.”

“The evolution of telehealth has changed the way we receive and deliver care. Our integrated solution enhances diagnostic capabilities for physicians while meeting patients’ growing demands for private and convenient health care,” said Dr. Frank Cockerill, CEO of Analyte Health. “Teladoc’s leadership in the telehealth industry has transformed the approach to care and we are excited to assist them in expanding their services. The partnership between Analyte Health and Teladoc bridges the gap between lab testing and telehealth, and together, we are reinventing the health care experience for patients and physicians.”

Analyte Health provides a comprehensive suite of services, including managing logistics like technological infrastructure, billing and customer support.

“The partnership with Analyte further supports our goal to expand access to quality, affordable care through continued innovation of the Teladoc telehealth platform,” said Jason Gorevic, CEO of Teladoc. “No one else is able to rival this breadth of comprehensive lab services. This new dimension enables us to bring the lab to patients during their telemedicine visits to further support quality outcomes.”

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