Apple Hires Another Expert in Mobile Medical Sensors

Apple Hires Another Expert in Mobile Medical SensorsAmidst the never-end cycle of headlines suggesting that Apple’s first smartwatch device is on its way to the mobile masses, the Cupertino, California-based tech giant is doing little to curtail such speculation.

News surfaced this week that Apple has once again turned to the medical world to augment the talent on its team ahead of what many analysts believe will be the launch of Apple’s heath-savvy iWatch.

Apple’s latest hire is Marcelo Malini Lamego, the former CTO of Cercacor, a medical devices company that develops noninvasive monitoring technologies.

As CTO, Lamego spearheaded the company’s engineering and R&D efforts, where he helped develop the Pronto-7, an award-winning and noninvasive medical device capable of measuring a patient’s oxygen saturation and hemoglobin levels, along with a patient’s pulse rate. The Pronto-7 is currently being sold by Masimo, a company specializing in noninvasive patient monitoring technologies.

While Apple hasn’t yet confirmed what Lamego is working on, Network World reports that he is involved in R&D, another clear indication of Apple’s interest in making its smartwatch a cutting-edge health and fitness tracker.

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