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Helix Rolls Out First Ever Online Consumer Marketplace for DNA-Powered Products

Helix, a personal genomics company, has just launched the first online marketplace for DNA-powered products that offer insights on ancestry, entertainment, family, fitness, health and nutrition.

According to the company, Helix created the marketplace ( “by forging partnerships with innovative fitness and nutrition app developers, emerging genomics companies, and established healthcare institutions that were interested in or already integrating DNA sequencing into their commercial offerings.”

Helix’s inaugural marketplace partners include Admera Health, Azumio, DNAFit, Dot One, EverlyWell, Exploragen, Genome Medical, Insitome, Lose It!, National Geographic, Sema4, and Vinome. The company also has a roster of coming-soon partners, and anticipates launching products from additional partners including Geisinger, HumanCode, Intelliseq, Invitae, Mayo Clinic,, and WellnessFX in 2017.

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New PresenceLearning Webinar Series Designed to Help Special Education Leaders and Clinicians

MHW has learned that PresenceLearning, a leading telehealth network of live, online special education related service providers, is launching a free, three-part webinar series this fall for special education leaders and clinicians.

According to a provided statement, the series, “Blueprints for Success: Interventions That Really Work,” will highlight evidence-based behavioral management, reading intervention, and differentiated instruction strategies that, when implemented accurately and thoroughly, are proven to help students in need.

The first webinar, scheduled for Tuesday, September 19, 2017, is with international expert on school discipline, classroom management, student self-management, and interventions with behaviorally challenging students, Dr. Howie Knoff. Dr. Knoff will explain how student instruction in social, emotional, and behavioral self-management and other techniques can increase academic outcomes and improve school climate.

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Healthcare IT Sets All-Time Record With $4 Billion in VC Funding

There’s a healthy outlook for healthcare IT in the world of VC these days.

Mercom Capital Group — a global communications and research firm — has just released its report on funding and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity for the Healthcare Information Technology (IT) / Digital Health sector for the second quarter (Q2) and first half (1H) of 2017.

According to the provided report summary, global VC funding for Health IT companies in 1H2017 was 36 percent higher year-over-year (YoY) with a record $4 billion (B) raised in 359 deals versus the $3B raised from 286 deals in 1H2016.
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Healthcare Facilities Expected to Benefit from New Partnership

Stratus Video — a leading language access and telehealth company — and One Call Care Management (One Call), a leader within the workers’ compensation industry, have partnered to launch the first end-to-end language and transportation solution designed for healthcare facilities.

“While transportation and interpretation are not necessarily medical services, they are critical components of the treatment plan,” said Joseph McCullough, senior vice president of product at One Call. “Missed medical appointments due to a lack of transportation, or the inability to clearly and accurately communicate with a patient, can dramatically impact the road to recovery. The goal of this partnership is to eliminate these barriers so the patient may receive effective and timely care.”

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PCHAlliance Confirms First Round of Keynote Speakers for 2017 Conference

The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance) recently announced the first round of keynote speakers for the 2017 Connected Health Conference (CHC17).

This year’s lineup includes “experts and visionaries” in distinct areas of health and wellness, who will bring their unique perspective to the conference theme, The Connected Life Journey: Shaping Health and Wellness for Every Generation:

The list now includes:

  • Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA , chief experience officer, Cleveland Clinic Health System; staff neurologist, Cleveland Clinic Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis — creates initiatives to address and improve patient experience and strengthen provider communication skills
  • Aubrey de Grey, BA, PhD , chief science officer, SENS Research Foundation; editor-in-chief, Rejuvenation Research — biomedical gerontologist dedicated to combating the aging process
  • Joseph C. Kvedar, MD , vice president, Connected Health, Partners HealthCare; author, The Internet of Healthy Things; program chair, CHC17 — internationally recognized visionary in connected health; creating and validating innovative mobile health programs, virtual care initiatives and clinical research programs
  • Calum A. MacRae, MD, PhD , chief, cardiovascular medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH); leading investigator, BWH Genomics Center; associate professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School — investigating new phenotypes and how research findings—including genomics discoveries—can be systematically implemented into clinical care
  • Chunka Mui , Futurist and Innovation Advisor, Devil’s Advocate Group — expert at fostering innovation; best-selling author of four books on strategy and innovation including, The New Killer Apps: How Large Companies Can Out Innovate Start-Ups

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Clinical Ink, Integron Partner to Streamline IoT-enabled Clinical Trials

Clinical Ink, a provider of eSource and patient engagement technologies, and Integron, a  provider of managed services for the connected health and Internet of Things (IoT) industry, have partnered to extend Clinical Ink’s mobile device and sensor deployment capabilities to engage and collect data from patients in clinical trials.

The life science industry is accelerating the adoption of mobile devices and IoT technology to simplify the patient experience while collecting increasingly sophisticated endpoint data.

Incorporating mobile and IoT devices requires global expertise to handle unique geographic logistical challenges, variable connectivity options, and device security/support for patients and sites, the formal partnership announcement reads.

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mHealth News: What You Need to Know

Here are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that we have been monitoring this past week.

IDC: Wearables Market Swells 17.9% During the First Quarter
The worldwide wearables market maintained its upward trajectory during the first quarter of 2017 (1Q17) with Xiaomi and Apple leading all companies and multiple products experiencing double – and triple-digit growth.

CareCloud Launches Cloud-Based, Pay-Per-Visit Telemedicine Solution
CareCloud announced Thursday the launch of CareCloud Telemedicine — a fully integrated solution that includes built-in insurance eligibility checking and scheduling tools, a unique pay-per-visit pricing model, and one-click activation.

Stratus Video’s Telehealth Division Attracts Top Talent
Language access and telehealth company, Stratus Video, is a beacon for top industry talent.
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