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First Look: drchrono Announces Partnership with HDP Health

MHW was informed Wednesday morning that drchrono Inc. — a company enabling “the medical practice of the future” — has partnered with HDP Health to provide physicians and medical facilities with access to thousands of the latest clinical trials for their patients.

HDP Health software is now integrated with drchrono’s EHR platform and lets the doctor know which of their patients are eligible for clinical trials.

HDP Health supports medical organizations and helps physicians identify which of their patients fit clinical trial criteria and are candidates for clinical trials. The HDP Health system can also identify new clinical trials that are opening up and will notify the medical practices staff about which trials to consider running based on existing patient populations.

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CRF Health Appoints New Vice President of Quality Assurance

MHW learned Tuesday that CRF Health, a leading global provider of patient-centered eSource technology and service solutions for the life sciences industry, has today announced the appointment of former Novartis veteran and eClinical Quality Assurance and Data Integrity Specialist, Tom Haag, as Vice President, Quality Assurance.

“Haag’s role at CRF Health will be to oversee Quality across the organization; to ensure regulatory compliance and the delivery of efficient and high quality services and products to the pharmaceutical industry,” reads a statement emailed to MHW.

Formerly the Global Head of Digital Development and Transformation QA with Novartis, Haag led on end-to-end quality and data integrity oversight for all Novartis digital development and new technology initiatives.

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UroChoice Tapped for New Technology By Indiana Company

Northeast Indiana Urology, a team of 14 board-certified clinicians specializing in adult men’s and women’s urological care maintain more than 70 staff members over 11 offices in the Northeast Indiana and Van Wert, Ohio areas.

Earlier this month, they made the decision to move in a new direction to meet their technology needs.

iSalus Healthcare, creators of UroChoice, have nearly 20 years of experience in the healthcare technology industry. Built specifically for Urology Providers in the United States, UroChoiceTM removes the excess information that physicians in this field do not need to make their documentation experience more efficient and satisfying overall.

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mHealth News: What You Need to Know

Here are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that we have been monitoring this past week.

Yoti and LedgerState Talk Personal Data in Davos
This morning in Davos, Switzerland, Yoti and LedgerState showcased to the World Economic Forum how governments and other organizations can capitalize on evolutions in blockchain technology to store personal data of their citizens and customers.

Synapse’s BlueSee Aims to Aid the Development of Bluetooth Low Energy Devices
Product development firm Synapse, a Cambridge Consultants company, has just launched BlueSee — a new cross-platform tool, available as a phone and desktop application, for “easy debugging and testing during the development of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices.”

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Medical-Grade Wearable Provider Biotricity Aims to Increase Patient Adherence

Biotricity Inc., a medical diagnostic and consumer healthcare technology company dedicated to delivering innovative, biometric remote monitoring solutions, is aiming to change cardiac healthcare into a preventive and cost-savings model that leverages precise biometrics and actionable feedback to motivate patient adherence.

With increased adherence, the company believes “that patients with existing chronic conditions can better manage their health and prevent the onset of co-morbid conditions while facilitating a reduction in healthcare costs.”

We learned this week that Biotricity is developing a spectrum of real-time and high-precision remote patient monitoring solutions (RPM). The company’s premier product, Bioflux, is a high-precision, single-unit mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) device that provides real-time monitoring and transmission of ambulatory patients’ ECG information.

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First Look: Partners Connected Health and Vital Team Up

Recognizing the movement of increased patient engagement in healthcare, Vital USA Inc. has teamed up with the Partners Connected Health team to validate its Vital Moto Mod health and wellness device, a 5-in-1 integrated vital sign monitoring platform.

So how does it work?

Paired with a smartphone, the Vital Moto Mod works with the HIPAA-compliant Vital App to measure, monitor and track heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), non-contact core body temperature and blood pressure, all within three minutes.

“We have learned that frictionless technologies for biometric data collection from patients is key in fostering their engagement with digital products,” said Kamal Jethwani, MD, MPH, Senior Director, Partners Connected Health Innovation. “This product streamlines the vitals measurement process, replacing five discreet devices with one, and we are going to validate that this product is changing digital vitals collection from patients.”

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New Partnership Minted to Develop Indoor Navigation Mobile Platform

Striving to innovate health care delivery and patient experience through state-of- the-art medical equipment and personalized technology, MHW has learned that HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital now offers guests an innovative and free mobile wayfinding service that provides step-by-step directions to any location or amenity within the hospital and related points of interest.

Developed in collaboration with Gozio Health, the mobile app is now available on all Android and iPhone mobile devices for free via the Google Play or App Stores. Users may also simply text HSHSGO to (618) 205-9525 to receive an instant download link.

“The new HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital was designed to provide exceptional patient experience and mobile wayfinding is yet another technology-based addition to enhance our patients’ access to health care,” says Peg Sebastian, President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. “As we continue to integrate technology into every part of our health care delivery model, the addition of the HSHS Go app will advance the patient experience at St. Elizabeth’s by reassuring patients and guests that they will reach their destination on time and with less stress.”

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