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Apple Dominating Smartwatch Boom for Health, Business, Social Use

India Set to Get Apple Watch Next WeekApple, according to a new Canalys report, dominated the smartwatch market in 2015, accounting for over 12 million units and two-thirds of all shipments.

A report summary from MAW noted that Samsung returned to second place in Q4.

“Pebble came third and Huawei came fourth, establishing itself as the leading Android Wear vendor,” the Canalys crew confirms. “Basic bands exceeded 37 million shipments for the year. Fitbit set a quarterly shipments record as it comfortably led the category. Xiaomi held second place, shipping 12 million Mi Bands during 2015.”
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Report: Healthcare IT VC Funding in 2015 Plateaus

Report Healthcare IT VC Funding in 2015 PlateausThis week, MHW was privy to a new industry data from Mercom Capital Group, which just released its annual report on funding and mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity for the Healthcare Information Technology (IT) / Digital Health sector in 2015.

Mercom’s report covers deals of all sizes across the globe.

The findings?
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80% of mHealth Apps Vulnerable to HIPAA Violations and More

80 Percent of mHealth Apps Vulnerable to HIPAA Violations and MoreAn alarming new report highlighted this week by Healthcare IT News reveals that 84 percent of U.S. FDA-approved health apps (those tested by IT security vendor Arxan Technologies) have not returned favorable results.

All told, this group “did not adequately address at least two of the Open Web Application Security Project top 10 risks.”

Most health apps are susceptible to code tampering and reverse-engineering, two of the most common hacking techniques, the report found. Ninety-five percent of the FDA-approved apps lack binary protection and have insufficient transport layer protection, leaving them open to hacks that could result in privacy violations, theft of personal health information, as well as device tampering and patient safety issues.

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PetPace Pushing New Professional Mobile App for Veterinarians

Petpace Pushing New Professional Mobile App for VeterinariansPetPace announced this week the release of a new professional mobile app for veterinarians and animal care professionals.

If you’re not familiar, PetPace is the maker of a popular health and well-being smart collar used to monitor and relay pet health data to veterinarians and pet owners.

So what features does the new app pack?
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Kaiser Permanente Opening National School of Medicine in 2019

Kaiser Permanente Opening National School of Medicine in 2019Kaiser Permanente announced plans this week to open the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine in 2019.

The effort, we’re told, is part of the organization’s ongoing effort to “lead in meeting America’s demands for 21st-century health care.”

Extending the innovation of the Kaiser Permanente approach to patient health and care, the school will redesign physician education around strategic pillars that include providing high-quality care beyond traditional medical settings, acknowledging the central importance of collaboration and teamwork to inform treatment decisions, and addressing disparities in health.

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New Apigee Survey Reveals Mobile’s Role in Managing Health and Wellness

New Apigee Survey Reveals Mobile's Role in Managing Health and WellnessOn Tuesday, Apigee announced the results of the Apigee Institute’s 2015 Digital Impact Survey.

The survey in question identifies health and wellness management as an industry in which smartphones and apps are changing behavior among a majority of connected consumers.

According to the survey, 60 percent of adult smartphone owners in the U.S. – and nearly three quarters of millennials (71%) – say smartphones and apps have changed the way they manage their health and wellness. Additional findings show that almost half (49%) now want their doctors to use data from their fitness tracker and/or from health apps as part of their care.
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Exclusive: Allscripts Team Talks Challenges and Opportunities at Health 2.0

Exclusive Allscripts Team Talks Challenges and Opportunities at Health 2.0Allscripts is not new to the healthcare ecosystem. Established in the Midwest in 1986, it has been providing Providers with Electronic Health Record management. In 2010, Allscripts merged with Eclipsys Corporation, so they are now in this combined alliance used by 180,000 Physicians, 1,500 hospitals and 10,000 post acute care organizations, with a total of 5,500 people working for the organization.

At Health 2.0, I sat down with Stan Crane AllScripts Chief Innovation Officer and Tina Joros, Director of Allscripts Developer Program, to learn more about how Allscripts is contributing towards leading the development and innovations in the EHR care management industry.

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