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Not Missing a Beat: Murj Launches Cardiac Device Data Management Platform

Not missing a beat — literally — Murj, Inc., a digital health company dedicated to helping clinicians streamline care for patients with implantable cardiac devices, announced on Monday the general availability of the company’s cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant application that consolidates data from all implantable cardiac device (CIED) types and manufacturers into what the company calls an “elegant, robust platform that delivers rapid clinical care and deep patient insight.”

The Murj platform will be featured at booth #331 at the Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions (HRS) conference that will take place May 10-13 in Chicago, Ill.

“We are excited to share our solution with the electrophysiology community at HRS and beyond,” said Todd Butka, CEO of Murj. “Our mission is to enhance the lives of cardiac care professionals and their patients through a well-designed and innovative device management platform, and we truly believe Murj delivers on that goal.”
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Fujifilm Poised to Present its Latest Innovations

MHW has learned that The Endoscopy Division of FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. will showcase its latest innovations in endoscopic imaging technologies and solutions at the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates (SGNA) 44th Annual Course.

The annual gathering, which attracts nearly 2,000 professionals in the gastroenterology field, is set for May 7-9, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“It is Fujifilm’s goal to support gastroenterology nurses and associates with our leading technology,” said Keiichi Nagata, President, Endoscopy Division of FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. “In order for Fujifilm to develop cutting-edge solutions to improve gastrointestinal health outcomes, our participation at SGNA is crucial to understand the challenges that nurses and healthcare staff face in the exam rooms.”

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A Healthy Outlook For Global Smartphone Market

According to preliminary results from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, phone companies shipped a total of 347.4 million smartphones worldwide in the first quarter of 2017.

“In light of what might seem like a slowing market, consumers continue to show demand for smartphones and OEM flagship hype seems strong as ever,” the report summary notes.

Worldwide smartphone shipments grew 4.3% in 1Q17, which was slightly higher than IDC’s previous forecast of 3.6% growth.

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Telehealth and Medicine Today Touts New Blockchain Technology Review Column

The online, CME-accredited journal, Telehealth and Medicine Today, has just announced a new column — Blockchain and Technology Review.

According to a provided statement, the new column reports on emerging blockchain applications in telehealth and medical informatics. It will cover related technical aspects of blockchain and forward thinking companies bringing them online.

“Blockchain initiatives have tremendous opportunity to improve health outcomes by contributing innovative functionalities to the business of healthcare,” says Brennan Bennett (pictured on right), founder of Blockchain Healthcare Review. “There are multiple countries on several continents that have deployed operational blockchain systems at the national level, with dozens more at the local level, and that’s not even mentioning the initiatives being executed at the United Nations and World Economic Forum. This is a truly exciting time to be in the blockchain space. As widespread adoption inches closer and closer to becoming a reality, innovation has really taken hold to produce seismic shifts in otherwise very traditional sectors including healthcare.”
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eWellness Launches Platform

Kicking off the month of May with a bang this morning in Culver City, California, eWellness Healthcare Corporation — provider of the state of the art PHZIO Platform for the physical therapy and telehealth markets — announced that it has launched a new platform at

According to details shared with MHW, is up to an 8-week physician to patient, pre-surgical (Prehab) digital therapeutic exercise treatment system designed to prepare patients for hip or knee surgeries including total joint replacements or back surgeries including microdiscectomies and fusions.

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Klick Labs Unveils First Device to Record and Transmit Parkinson’s Tremors

Klick Labs, a digital healthcare innovation lab, today introduced the SymPulse Tele-Empathy Device, a groundbreaking Proof of Concept that wirelessly records and transmits patient tremors in real time to help foster clinical empathy and better care for the more than 40 million people living with movement disorders in the U.S. alone.

Today’s announcement underscores the innovation lab’s exploration of several applications and platforms to induce more empathy for patients across many disease states.

Unlike other inventions that attempt to replicate tremors via mechanical vibrations, Klick Labs’ SymPulse Tele-Empathy Device records continuous electromyogram data from the patient and wirelessly transmits it via Bluetooth to a custom-engineered electrical muscle stimulation armband for non-patients.

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Firstbeat, Valencell Collaborate on Biometric Wearables and Hearables

Valencell, a leading innovator in wearable and hearable biometric sensor technology, and Firstbeat, a top provider of physiological analytics for sports, fitness and wellbeing, announced today a strategic collaboration to ensure Valencell’s biometric sensor systems and Firstbeat physiological analytics “work seamlessly together and to explore to full potential of what can biometric wearables can achieve.”

“Today’s market demands more insightful user experiences that use science to go beyond basic heart rate measurement to provide personalized, actionable insights on exercise, stress, sleep and recovery, among other things,” a provided statement reads.

These insights require highly accurate biometric sensor data and advanced analytics like those provided by Valencell and Firstbeat.

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