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Sensitive Touchscreens in Smartphones Could be Used for Disease Diagnosis

Two Korean Researchers- Hyun Gyu Park and Byoung Yeon Won from the Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology in Daejeon, South Korea, are making a bold statement about the capabilities of the touchscreens in smartphones. While the idea of using smartphones as diagnostic tools through peripheral devices is not new, these researchers propose that the touchscreens themselves are capable of detecting extremely small differences in capacitance, which could be leveraged to diagnose diseases from the flu to salmonella.

They believe that a biosample – sputum, saliva, blood, or even urine – can be placed on the screen of a smartphone for analysis. This analysis will, however, highly depend on the ability to correlate differences in the sample with something clinically relevant.

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Numera Launches Mobile Health Coaching App for iOS

Numera, a leader in low-cost telehealth monitoring solutions, has released an iOS gateway application that enables consumers to use their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to upload health data to their electronic health record.

The Numera|Net gateway provides a way for users to gather information- such as weight, blood pressure and pedometer readings from a variety of wireless health and wellness products- to securely monitor and share with their health teams. It requires a NumeraNet user account, which sponsoring organizations and participating health programs can provide

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CVS Caremark launches their App for Android

CVS Caremark, the largest Pharmacy Health Care Provider in the US, announced the release of their new Android application for medication management.

The new application is available with Android 2.1 OS phones and above, along with the iPhone application that has been available since July of 2010. This application is free in the Android Market, and further broadens their members’ mobile access to securely manage their prescriptions online.

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