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WebMD Improves Cold and Flu Activity Tracker

WebMD Improves Cold and Flu Activity TrackerSince it’s that time of year again – when cold and flu-like symptoms seem to spread like wildfire – knowing what is going on in your area and staying ahead of the symptoms will aid in prevention and care.

For that reason, WebMD’s Cold and Flu map has been updated to capitalize on geo-location data and information from Symptom Checker visits to present a real-time analysis of the spread of colds and flu.

WebMD’s Cold and Flu map is based on data derived from more than 3 million Symptom Checker visits per month.
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Technology Simplifies Complex Amalgamation of Health Information Streams

Technology Simplifies Complex Amalgamation of Health Information StreamsIn Atlanta, Georgia today, physicians at Emory University Hospital are finding success with health IT. It’s being used to gather intricate streams of health-related data procured from an array of critical care machines to gain a single-view impression of a patient’s real-time condition.

All told, it’s a fascinating and proven real-world example of how big data is lending to practical and actionable uses for doctors in critical care situations.

“If you were to ask me, ‘What’s been going on with this patient for the last minute? The last five minutes? The last 30 minutes?’ I couldn’t tell you. There’s so much data going by,” Dr. Tim Buchman, director of the Emory Center for Critical Care, tells the Associated Press.

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Outcast Fitness Brings Mobile to Health Clubs

Outcast Fitness Brings Mobile to Health ClubsOutcast Fitness, the nation’s largest media network at health clubs, recently secured a promising new partnership with Blue Bite to install a mobile platform in gyms and health clubs across the United States.

The collaborative effort is designed to provide users with a mobile experience within their gyms, giving them immediate access to fitness and health related content.

Utilizing Blue Bite’s Proprietary mTAG platform, gym members will be encouraged to “tap” or “scan” Outcast’s mounted screens throughout the gym via NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR (Quick Response) with their mobile devices.

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Clinton Foundation, Wellable Unite to Advocate Health Apps

Bill ClintonThe Clinton Health Matters Initiative and Wellable have joined forces to promote wellness and advocate the good that comes from great mobile health apps.

If you’re not familiar, Wellable is a “wellness incentive company” that enables health plans, employers, and wellness providers to leverage mobile apps to implement health-related programs.

As of this week, the organization is now in partnership with The Clinton Foundation.
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Best Buy to Carry New Smartwatches from Meta Watch

Best Buy to Carry New Smartwatches from Meta WatchOn the heels of Tuesday’s announcement from Nike that the new iPhone-compatible Nike+ FuelBand SE is launching next month, Meta Watch is making headlines today with a smart wearable device of its own.

Meta Watch debuted its smartwatch on crowd funding site Kickstarter last year, shipping out more than 1,700 devices to customers who pledged over $300,000.

Now, according to Dallas Morning News, the innovative Strata smartwatch is coming to Best Buy stores in the U.S. in early November.

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Fitbit Brings ‘Force’ to the Connected Health Market

Fitbit Brings 'Force' To the TableFitbit, a fast-growing giant in the equally fast-growing Connected Health and Fitness category, has just announced Fitbit Force.

Described as a sleek, advanced, high-performance wireless activity and sleep-tracking wristband, Force  follows on the success of Fitbit Flex.

Fitbit Force has a highly visible, OLED display that provides instant access to all your activity stats right on your wrist, keeping you motivated throughout the day.

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New FDA Regulations to Focus Only on ‘Most Risky’ mHealth Apps

New FDA Regulations to Focus Only on 'Most Risky' mHealth AppsTwo weeks ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued its long awaited final guidance for developers of mobile medical applications.

As expected, the guidance outlines the FDA’s tailored approach to mobile apps. But the FDA plans to regulate only the apps posing the greatest potential risks to consumers.

“Some mobile apps carry minimal risks to consumers or patients, but others carry significant risks if they do not operate correctly,” said Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., J.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health. “The FDA’s tailored policy protects patients while encouraging innovation.”
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