Basic Clarity Still Among the Biggest Challenges Facing mHealth

Basic Clarity Still Among the Biggest Challenges Facing mHealthAccording to a study published by the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution, the biggest challenges facing the widespread adoption and acceptance of mHealth technologies is the lack of clarity in regulations and other – equally significant – clarification issues with healthcare payer reimbursements.

“It is difficult for device-makers and app-developers to innovate when they are not sure which rules apply and what standards they need to meet,” the report summary reads. “Clarifying rules and regulations would improve the adoption of mHealth practices.”

Despite lingering challenges, the study also reports that mHealth is gaining popularity and that revenues are already streaming in, although the technologies are still in their “infancy.” In order to hasten the work that mHealth can do, the study suggest three changes that need to be made in the industry.

First, they say that regulations need to be immediately clarified. Second, all policies concerning mHealth need to be reviewed in order to ensure that they are still relevant, useful, and apply to all of the new technology that has been developed in recent years. Thirdly, there needs to me a massive marketing campaign undertaken and local authorities need to more strongly encourage mHealth.

“Removing these barriers would encourage health professionals to make use of newly-emerging ways to diagnose and treat patients,” the report concludes.

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