Bluetooth Low Energy Apps Target mHealth Market

Cambridge Consultants has designed new Bluetooth low energy (BLE) iPhone 4S applications, which may play a large role in the future development of the mobile health market. These apps have been developed to operate on CSR’s BLE devices, which Cambridge Consultants has worked to specialize with the company in order to create tools and device software that will be useful to those developers who are looking to create iOS and Mac OS applications.

BLE is aimed at the mHealth market as a means of establishing ultra-low power connectivity and data transfer. This can be used with applications, such as blood pressure monitors, which have been previously limited by power consumption, size, and compatibility constraints. In order to make this a reality, Cambridge Consultants aims to demonstrate how to optimize both the Bluetooth and mobile device performance within mHealth with these BLE applications.

Additionally, due to the fact that most mobile devices now include a native Bluetooth API, BLE is ideal for facilitating both local and wide communication, while insuring low battery consumption. This allows the BLE technology to operate on standard coin-cell batteries with a battery life of up to a year. This removes the need for regular charging and allows for long-term wireless access to mobile devices.

Both Cambridge Consultants and CSR’s developments in the BLE field will be showcased at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

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