Canada’s Doctor Pocket Hypes Groundbreaking Medical Smartphone App Launch

Research Shows Patients with Chronic Diseases Want More Mobile Solutions“Need a doctor? Imagine having a rich network of medical specialists at your fingertips. Doctor Pocket is an iOS and Android application that enables you to communicate with specialists from the comfort of your home and on-the-go.”

That’s the enticing pitching from the Toronto-based makers of Doctor Pocket’s smartphone app.

According to those behind the offering, in the US, the average wait time to see a specialist is 29 days. “You don’t need health insurance to talk to our team,” the company says. “In Canada, everyone may have health insurance, but that doesn’t mean everyone has equal and easy access to care. Doctor Pocket changes that by connecting you with a specialist of your choice to get the medical attention you need, and deserve within 24 hours.”

Book and chat with doctors from Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and McGill. With Doctor Pocket, users can personalize their account by entering basic profile information that will be seen by specialists in family medicine, pediatrics, radiology, and dermatology.

Jeffery Khoury, Founder & CEO, says the idea for his application came to him while ill on vacation. Without easy access to his primary care provider, Jeffery “glimpsed a gaping problem in healthcare access and was determined to bridge the gap.”

“I was determined to find a solution, not just for myself, but to improve the accessibility and quality of healthcare for anyone, anywhere in the world,” he says. “It is upsetting seeing people wait hours at the clinic, ER, or Doctors Office for a consult that only lasts a few minutes. Even worse: scanning the internet all night trying to self-diagnose.”

To learn more about the company and its app, click here.

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