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First Look: Magellan Health to Acquire Senior Whole Health

Magellan Health, Inc. announced Monday that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Senior Whole Health (SWH), a healthcare company focused on serving complex, high-risk populations, providing both Medicare and Medicaid dual-eligible benefits to more than 22,000 members in Massachusetts and New York.

We’re told that the acquisition will provide Magellan with an opportunity to expand into the Massachusetts Senior Care Options (SCO) program, as well as further presence in New York City’s managed long-term care (MLTC) market.
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eConsult Technology Joins the Ranks of Mainstream Telehealth Models

Safety Net Connect, a leading provider of innovative web-based healthcare technology for organizations assisting underserved populations, announced this week that “eConsult” (electronic consultation) technology – including SNC’s Converge platform, a next generation eConsult system – is gaining dynamic traction in the mainstream telehealth sector, as made evident by the overwhelming number of presentations addressing this transformative technology at last week’s CTN Telehealth Summit.

According to a provided media statement, summit discussions spanned a range of timely eConsult topics, including models of adoption, integration strategies, and success stories within a broad range of entities such as public health departments, integrated delivery networks (IDN), and Medicaid plans.

Panelists reported outcomes including specialist access within 1-2 days and over 60% of cases being resolved without the need for a face-to-face specialist visit.

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VirtualHealth Recognized by Frost & Sullivan

VirtualHealth, a top provider of population health and care management technologies, announced Tuesday that it received Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 North America Product Leadership Award in Population Health Management (PHM).

If you’re not famialir, the award recognizes organizations for best-in-class product and customer service offerings that optimally meet market needs and offer a compelling value proposition.

The award also considers achievements in customer satisfaction, pricing, and market share to identify the single company that rises above the competitive landscape and offers customers the most well-rounded solution set.

These days, VirtualHealth is recognized in the healthcare industry for its cloud-based PHM platform, which was purpose-built for value-based care.
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Advanced ICU Care Launches Remote Telemetry Service with New Hospital

Advanced ICU Care, a leading provider of high-acuity telemedicine services, announced today that the company has launched telemetry monitoring services at Passavant Area Hospital, a member of Memorial Health System, in Jacksonville, IL.

We’re told that Passavant becomes the first hospital to go live with Advanced ICU Care’s telemetry service, in which certified electrocardiogram (EKG) technicians in an Advanced ICU Care center remotely monitor Passavant’s at-risk cardiac patients on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis.

Advanced ICU Care’s team of certified technicians utilizes advanced telemetry monitoring systems that enable remote patient observation to provide real-time oversight of patients who have been identified as high-risk for cardiac events.

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Telehealth and Medicine Today Touts New Blockchain Technology Review Column

The online, CME-accredited journal, Telehealth and Medicine Today, has just announced a new column — Blockchain and Technology Review.

According to a provided statement, the new column reports on emerging blockchain applications in telehealth and medical informatics. It will cover related technical aspects of blockchain and forward thinking companies bringing them online.

“Blockchain initiatives have tremendous opportunity to improve health outcomes by contributing innovative functionalities to the business of healthcare,” says Brennan Bennett (pictured on right), founder of Blockchain Healthcare Review. “There are multiple countries on several continents that have deployed operational blockchain systems at the national level, with dozens more at the local level, and that’s not even mentioning the initiatives being executed at the United Nations and World Economic Forum. This is a truly exciting time to be in the blockchain space. As widespread adoption inches closer and closer to becoming a reality, innovation has really taken hold to produce seismic shifts in otherwise very traditional sectors including healthcare.”
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Medical Coding Software Innovator Inks New Partnership

partnershipTruCode, an innovator in the medical coding software market, today announced its partnership with CPSI.

If you’re not familiar, CPSI, including its family of companies, is a leading provider of healthcare solutions for community hospitals and post-acute care facilities nationwide.

Through this partnership, the TruCode Encoder will work seamlessly with both the Evident and Healthland electronic health record (EHR) offerings to streamline coder workflow, boost productivity, and improve coding accuracy.

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New Study Dishes on the Secret to Effective Pharma Advertising

Emanate Wireless Upgrades PowerPath TempOur sister site MMW is reporting that that the rule of three is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to effectively reaching physicians with pharma advertising.

According to leading pharma-focused media company, SSCG Media Group, new insight is being gleaned into the best way to get on the radar of doctors with your advertising.

The organization’s MAP MD survey of physicians regarding their preferences on advertising and other content they access each professional day was released this week.

A key finding, the Rule of Three, is that physicians require three views of a given pharma ad to ensure recall.

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