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What’s The Top Priority for Users of Wearables? New Infographic Reveals All

IDC Worldwide, Wearables Will Surpass 200 Million in 2019Valencell, a leading innovator in performance biometric data sensor technology, in collaboration with MEMS & Sensors Industry Group, the trade association advancing Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and sensors across global markets, recently conducted a national survey in regards to the state of wearables today.

The findings, portrayed in an infographic shared below, revealed interesting statistics about wearables users, including consumer interest in monitoring advanced health metrics like stress, blood pressure, and sunlight exposure.

To learn more, the full announcement can be found here.

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Carena: Health Systems’ Integrated Virtual Clinics Improve Care Quality

xHomepage_slideshow_2c_2x.jpg.pagespeed.ic.JUPOL5g0u3Patients who receive integrated virtual care within a health system experience more time with clinicians, lower prescription rates and better continuity of care than those who receive care from commercial telemedicine providers, according to new data released today by Carena.

Depicted in an infographic, “3 Ways Integrated Virtual Clinics are Improving Care Quality,” the data demonstrates that integrated virtual clinics minimize care fragmentation and meet the highest quality benchmarks for delivering care.

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Infographic Reveals The Top Digital Health Trends Impacting Healthcare

Infographic Reveals The Top Digital Health Trends Impacting HealthcareThe insightful gems of knowledge culled from a recent report by Accenture has yielded the eye-opening infographic below, which points to some of the top digital health trends that stand to have the most dramatic impact imaginable on the healthcare space.

So what are the trends in question, according to the Accenture data? Check out the visual below to learn more.

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Infographic: The Cost of Healthcare Security Breaches

Infographic The Cost of Healthcare Security BreachesAn alarming new infographic created by Privacy Analytics and shared by HIT Consultant showcases just how costly the growing epidemic of healthcare security breaches has become.

“While the news frequently reports the number of data breaches in the health care industry, few may realize that the estimated cost for HIPAA breaches since 2009 has reached over 31 billion dollars,” the report notes.
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The 18% Problem: What Wearables Are Really Up Against

The 18 Percent Problem What Wearables Are Really Up AgainstAccording to the recent results of a survey conducted by Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group, consumers just aren’t as crazy about wearables as many industry analysts had expected by this time.

“U.S. consumers are in no rush to purchase a wearable device and future adoption of the technology will be driven by attractiveness, alerts and payments functionality,” the report summary shared with mHealthWatch reads.

Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group’s research uncovers that wearables are a significant trend in technology, but their utility to financial services remains to be seen.

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Miramar’s Powerful New Infographic Reveals Epidemic of Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

Miramar's Powerful New Infographic Reveals Epidemic of Teen Prescription Drug AbuseIn the United States today, prescription drug abuse and addiction among teenagers has become a tragic epidemic that touches families across the nation and from every rung on the socioeconomic ladder.

“Whether from Laguna Beach, California or any one of America’s beautiful East Coast cities, it’s likely that you or someone you love has been impacted by prescription drug abuse,” say the experts at Miramar, a celebrated world-class California-based rehab, detox, support and treatment center.

Whatever the situation may be, all Americans — especially parents — should be conscious of this serious issue. The following infographic speaks volumes about the state of prescription drug abuse amongst America’s younger, teenage populations.

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Better Than CSI: Blood Tells the Tale

Better Than CSI Blood Tells the TaleYou don’t have to be a CSI regular to know that blood tells a multitude of tales.

In everyday lives, blood testing is the key component of scanning for diseases and medical conditions. This one human substance reveals all, and forms the foundation of every intervention from the routine physical to probes for the causes of ailments.

One common test is the “CBC” — or Complete Blood Count — which measures the levels of platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells. The presence of a disease or degenerative condition is routinely diagnosed from this most common of physician requested procedure.

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