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Digital Health Innovators Snare Double 2013 Funding

Digital Health Innovators Snare Double 2013 FundingDigital health companies are scooping up investments at a record-breaking rate, according to a recent report by Rock Health.

The report indicates that innovators have garnered $2.3 billion in the first half of 2014 — which tops the entire take in 2013. And there’s still half a year to go.

“The 168 percent year-over-year growth rate is a clear indication that the mHealth market is just starting to take off as medical device companies seek to expand their reach by acquiring digital health innovators, close to 150 of which have raised more than $2 million year from venture capitalists,” reads a new report from EHRintelligence.

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InvestMaryland Challenge Awards $100,000 Prize to Well-Deserved mHealth Startups

InvestMaryland Challenge Awards $100,000 Prize To Well-Deserved mHealth StartupsMobile electronics and communication devices have sparked the growth of two new industries in the healthcare field—telemedicine and mHealth. While these two fields have a wide range of possibilities, one of their common advances is the introduction of electronic health records (EHRs).

The initial round of EHRs contained the same information as paper health records, but with the ability to create more in-depth reports and analytics, as well as quickly and easily share long-term healthcare data with multiple healthcare practitioners, EHRs now have the ability to dramatically improve quality of care.

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Food Poisoning Prevention Goes Mobile

Food Poisoning Prevention Goes MobileDoes something smell foul in your fridge? If so, there’s a new mobile technology available to help prevent you and your family from getting sick due to the pervasive threat of food poisoning.

This week, the Indiegogo campaign for PERES, a portable device that analyzes food products to determine if they are fresh and safe for human consumption, has reached its funding goal of $50,000.

Reaching their funding goal ensures that the team behind PERES can begin manufacturing the device, the company says, adding that the project has raised over $68,000 to date.
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National Institutes of Health to Issue mHealth Grants

National Institutes of Health to Issue mHealth GrantsAccording to published reports coming to light Tuesday, a pair of grants is now being offered by the National Institutes of Health.

Focused on mHealth, the grants are designed to inspire further research and cultivation on mobile health tools and resources that will help to improve the communication between patients and their medical providers.

“The goal is to increase the adherence of patients to the recommendations made by their doctors,” QRcodepress reports.

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Health Tech Heating Up on Crowdfunding Platforms

Health Tech Heating Up on Crowdfunding PlatformsAccording to Rock Health’s end-of-year report for 2013, $1.92 billion in funding poured into digital health last year.

Since 2011, funding has climbed over 100%.

And with 2014 now in full swing, it’s apparent that crowdfunding will play a key role in driving investments in mHealth this year and well into the future.
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Digital Health Funding Posts Another Record Quarter

Digital Health Funding Posts Another Record QuarterQ1 2014 brought with it a new record in digital health venture funding.

According to the latest data from Rock Health, not only did January set a record month in both deals and dollars, the first quarter of 2014 set an all-time record for digital health funding in a single quarter.

“Nearly $700M in funding poured into the space, paving the way for the biggest year ever for the industry,” the report summary reads. “Q1 2014 experienced a mind blowing 87% year-over-year growth versus Q1 2013.”

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London Mayor Launches ‘MedCity’

London Mayor Launches 'MedCity'The future of health and science is coming into focus across the pond.

On Wednesday, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, launched a major new initiative backed by some of the UK’s senior academics and business people that will transform the London-Oxford-Cambridge life sciences sector into a world beating “power-cluster.”

Through MedCity, the mayor says, the life sciences sector in the South East will come to match the crucial position of financial services in the UK’s national economy.

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