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LifeMap Solutions Maps Out New Solutions for Mobile

carousel_cLifeMap Solutions, the digital health subsidiary of BioTime, Inc. and co-developer of ResearchKit-enabled app Asthma Health, recently announced a new service to develop custom smartphone apps and research studies for partners worldwide.

Through the new service, LifeMap offers clients its deep expertise in medical science, consumer behavior, app analytics, and design. LifeMap then adds the client’s own unique expertise to the mix and guides the development, from concept to completion, of a new research or care app and, optionally, a scientific study.

As the only commercial developer to participate in the launch of Apple’s ResearchKit, LifeMap Solutions has garnered worldwide attention for creating what it calls :engaging, innovative, and data-driven” mobile health apps.

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CVS Health, Curbside Go Mobile

CVS Buys Omnicare for 12.7 BillionCVS Health announced ahead of the weekend a new partnership with Curbside, a company aiming to “perfect the store pickup experience for retailers and consumers.”

Together, the companies are launching CVS Express, a digital solution offering consumers a “new level of seamless convenience.”

So how does it work?
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Posted in mHealth news, Mobile App0 Comments Rolls Out Web and Mobile Telehealth Advanced API

image1-phone1mHealthWatch learned Monday that MyTelemedicine, a national telehealth service and technology provider, is launching the first-ever web and mobile Telehealth Advanced Application Programming Interface (API).

The unveiling of the new API presents healthcare and wellness companies “with a tool to seamlessly integrate Real-time physician access by secure Video and Telephone, to create a customized telehealth experience for their patients and members.”

From Monday’s announcement:

Handheld medical applications are changing the healthcare landscape.  Today, there are over 40,000 medical apps available in the Apple store alone. Close to seventy percent of these apps are intended for consumers and do little more than provide information. During a recent interview, Rey Colon, Founder and CEO of MyTelemedicine, made these comments: “The MyTelemedicine Advanced API allows us to reach the entire global digital healthcare market and truly encourage the adoption of telehealth.”

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New Mental Health App Brings Therapy Into the Digital Age

New Mental Health App Brings Therapy Into the Digital AgePsychscope, a new mental heath app combining decades of psychiatric knowledge with a digital landscape, is now live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Globally, a provided media statement explains, there’s difficulty with access to mental health resources. 1 in 5 people suffer from depression but the industry is massively under resourced. The waiting lists can span for months and months and access can be hard to come by when needed.

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India-Based AMBER Health App is ‘Like Uber But with Ambulances’

Winning Move in the Windy City Chicago's MedEx Rolls Out First Google Glass Equipped Ambulances in U.S.It’s quite a description. But it makes sense. And because it certainly resonates, a lot of people are talking about the new health app that is “like Uber but with ambulances.”

The app in question “could help solve the problems of India’s emergency medical response system by offering users an Uber-like service for ambulances,” says Research and Markets.

Low public funding and heavy traffic on badly organized roads has resulted in a slow and at times unresponsive system, but the AMBER Health app plans to counter these issues through use of a service aggregation system.

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ResApp Wraps Up Successful Pre-Submission Meeting with FDA

resappAccording to a recent announcement shared with MHW, ResApp Health Limited confirmed that it had a “positive outcome” in its recent Pre-Submission Meeting with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding ResApp’s diagnostic mobile software application, ResAppDx.

During the meeting, we’re told that ResApp received “targeted feedback” from the FDA regarding the proposed US regulatory pathway, clinical study protocols, planned non-clinical evaluations and data requirements.

ResApp can now confirm that it will pursue a direct de novo premarket submission for ResAppDx, initially for pediatric use. A submission for adult use will be prepared in parallel and will be submitted shortly after the pediatric submission. The de novo pathway is designed for innovative medical devices (i.e. those which have no predicate device) where controls provide a reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness. The de novo process leads to a Class I or Class II classification and has a 120-day review cycle, compared to a 90-day review period for a 510(k).

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FTC Aims to Offer Guidance on mHealth Apps

FTCMAW is reporting today that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is rolling out a new web-based tool for mHealth app developers to assist in their important work and offer guidance in the process.

“It’s specifically designed to help developers understand what federal laws and regulations might apply to their apps,” MAW notes.

The FTC offering was created in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), Office for Civil Rights (OCR), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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