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Augmented Reality App May Help Patients with Parkinson’s

News Release: It’s appropriate that during Parkinson’s Awareness Month, a team of Rice University seniors will show how augmented reality may help patients with the disease.

That’s the official announcement shared with MMW this week, as we learned that six Rice engineering students have designed an iPhone app to help patients overcome a symptom known as “freezing,” in which the legs temporarily refuse to follow the brain’s command to lift and move forward.

For many of these patients, researchers have found that visual, audio or vibratory cues can help them overcome freezing. The Rice app may be the most elegant and comprehensive way to date to provide those cues, according to the students.

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First Look: Medfusion Creates Mobile App to Enhance MDVIP Patient Experience

MHW learned to today that Medfusion’s MDVIP, a national leader in affordable personalized healthcare, has implemented custom Medfusion mobile apps to drive better patient engagement and physician satisfaction.

Medfusion developed the MDVIP Connect app to deliver a “secure patient experience and strengthen the provider-patient relationship, allowing MDVIP patients to be more involved in – and in control of – their health and wellness.”

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Stayhealthy Leverages Pop Culture to Achieve Healthier Outcomes for Brands and Consumers

As difficult as it may be for some companies in the industry to admit, healthcare can be perceived as being exceedingly boring — especially for those of us needing to take appropriate steps to improve our own health.

Despite the fact that apps and mobile devices are now cornerstones of human entertainment, most apps and digital resources pertinent to healthcare somehow manage to suck all the fun and coolness straight out of our apps and mobile gadgets.

The vast majority of digital tools produced for our benefit simply aren’t entertaining or engaging enough to hold our interest. In the absence of games, celebrities, or cute cats, can you blame us for losing interest? Unfortunately, however, when we lose interest, we also tend to lose our chance at making real and lasting progress.

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Universe mHealth Launches Client-branded Advanced Mobile App Platform

Big news this week from Universe mHealth LLC. The company has just launched “the first client-branded advanced mobile app platform for healthcare organizations” — the Universe mHealth App Platform.

The platform, we’re told, offers medium and large healthcare organizations a single iOS and Android mobile app to support all of their informational, clinical, and financial self-service tools.

“With many large health organizations already accumulating multiple mobile apps in order to provide self-service tools to their patients, there’s an excellent opportunity to consolidate these apps into a single app, greatly improving the patient experience,” explains founder John Deutsch.

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One Touch Health ‘Smart Record’ App Puts Health Record and Intelligence on Consumer’s Phone

On Monday, MHW learned that Health Endeavors has just released One Touch Health “Smart Record” app on Apple and Android.

We’re told that the app puts the consumer in control of their health care record and applies data-driven intelligence to the consumer’s health data.

The consumer may request or send their electronic health record using direct messaging. “This is the beginning of the end of interoperability issues in health care,” Kris Gates, CEO, Health Endeavors.

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New Partnership Minted to Develop Indoor Navigation Mobile Platform

Striving to innovate health care delivery and patient experience through state-of- the-art medical equipment and personalized technology, MHW has learned that HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital now offers guests an innovative and free mobile wayfinding service that provides step-by-step directions to any location or amenity within the hospital and related points of interest.

Developed in collaboration with Gozio Health, the mobile app is now available on all Android and iPhone mobile devices for free via the Google Play or App Stores. Users may also simply text HSHSGO to (618) 205-9525 to receive an instant download link.

“The new HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital was designed to provide exceptional patient experience and mobile wayfinding is yet another technology-based addition to enhance our patients’ access to health care,” says Peg Sebastian, President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. “As we continue to integrate technology into every part of our health care delivery model, the addition of the HSHS Go app will advance the patient experience at St. Elizabeth’s by reassuring patients and guests that they will reach their destination on time and with less stress.”

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MAZ Powers Wellness And Health App

MHW learned today that New York-based media technology company, MAZ, has recently partnered with Yoga International, an online subscription-based service dedicated to yoga, meditation, and mindful living, to bring over 1,500 yoga classes, challenges, and courses to Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV.

Yoga International serves over 300,000 members which consists of yoga students, teachers, and aspiring teachers, to deepen their knowledge and practice. With world-class teachers and a robust roster of classes including: Alignment-Based, Core, Gentle, Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Vinyasa, members can be part of a holistic community anytime, anywhere. Plus, members get access to courses that help them focus on learning and going deeper, and challenges to help yogis build healthy habits.

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