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Compass Professional Health Services Rolls Out Health Pro Cloud SpendTracker

Healthcare technology and consulting company Compass Professional Health Services has just introduced Health Pro Cloud SpendTracker, a new version of its Compass Health Pro Cloud mobile app.

Building on this year’s release of Health Pro Cloud, SpendTracker allows users to track their individual and family out-of-pocket healthcare expenses in real time so they can make smarter healthcare decisions — improving care and lowering healthcare costs.

“Healthcare is expensive. And depending on the doctor, hospital and facility, healthcare costs can vary by hundreds or even thousands of dollars — even in-network,” said Cliff Sentell, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Compass Professional Health Services. “To help members navigate these choices and save money, we give specifically selected recommendations for their unique provider needs. By adding real-time healthcare spend information, we’re making our guidance even more personal by showing our members their out of pocket costs before they receive care.”

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First Look: Saint Luke’s Health System Launches New Mobile App

Saint Luke’s Health System (MO) announced Monday it has launched its new mobile app, mySaintLukes, powered by VenueNext, “to improve the patient, visitor and employee experience across all of its locations.”

VenueNext — widely known for its work with professional sports teams including the SF 49ers, Orlando Magic and Minnesota Vikings — has brought its technology to the healthcare market for the first time.

“By integrating our services and patient information into a single mobile app, we hope to make it easier for patients to access what they need quickly and conveniently,” said Debe Gash, Chief Information Officer at Saint Luke’s Health System. “This technology platform offers features that people already use daily, and as we strive to provide an excellent patient experience, we want visitors and patients to find the same convenient information and availability when interfacing with their health care provider.”

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New App Helps Patients Fill Key Gap in Lupus Treatment

Living with lupus is both challenging and unpredictable, making good communication between physicians and patients vital to managing care.

Recently, Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), announced the launch of LupusMinder, a new mobile app designed to help anyone with lupus track medications, daily symptoms and appointments.

“People affected by chronic conditions can become overwhelmed by changes in their medications or day to day variations in their symptoms,” said Mary K. Crow, MD, physician-in-chief at HSS. “We wanted to create a comprehensive app to record all pertinent information, lowering the stress associated with managing lupus. By inputting daily symptoms, the app also allows us to chart progress over a short- and long-term period.”

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Cedars-Sinai Offering Patients a Digital, Interactive App on Apple Watch

The Cedars-Sinai app is now available on Apple Watch, MHW has learned. Its launch makes Cedars-Sinai one of only a few hospital systems to offer a digital, interactive app on the device.

“Whether patients are at one of our hospitals, medical offices or at home, our goal is to leverage technology to put their health records in their hands by meeting them where they are,” said Darren Dworkin, Cedars-Sinai Chief Information Officer.

The Cedars-Sinai app is a complete resource for managing medical records, connecting with care teams, and exploring all Cedars-Sinai has to offer. Patients and guests can locate the nearest hospital or urgent care facility, as well as get directions and call a location or provider. The app also provides a Find a Doctor tool that allows users to search for doctors by condition, procedure or the doctor’s name.

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Hospital Visits to be Quicker Thanks to New App, Technology

Acuity Link, a technology company that assists hospitals and medical transport providers through automation of non-emergency transport bookings, officially announced today the availability of their new cloud-based software.

According to a statement emailed to MHW, the software created by Acuity Link is a comprehensive discharge workflow tool allowing health care institutions to better manage discharges by innovating the process of booking non-emergency transportation.

This helps healthcare institutions to run more efficiently and dramatically improves patient experience, clinical outcome and bed utilization.

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Study Finds Maternity App May Lead to Healthier Pregnancies, Outcomes

The Wyoming Department of Health alongside Wildflower Health announced today that research published in Telemedicine and e-Health shows that Medicaid patients who used mobile maternity app WYhealth Due Date Plus were “significantly more likely to have a first trimester prenatal visit, and experienced reduced incidence of low-birth weight babies.”

We’re told that Wildflower Health’s application includes educational information on pregnancy and connects app users with relevant health care and community resources.

Study results suggest that use of the WYhealth Due Date Plus application was associated with a statistically significant increase in the completion of prenatal visits at least 6 months before delivery—an important HEDIS measure and milestone in ensuring a healthy pregnancy and delivery. A Medicaid member was estimated to be 76% more likely to have a 6-month or more prenatal visit if she was an app user.

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Is Mobile Wayfinding The Hot New Thing for Patients?

Making your way in the word today takes everything you’ve got.

Wait, that’s the theme from Cheers.

Actually, however, it’s also the mantra of mobile-focused technology geniuses who realize that patients need help more often than not when it comes to finding the location of a new doctor or healthcare facility.

And some organizations are jumping on this emerging practice sooner than others. Case in point: Piedmont Healthcare, which now offers guests a mobile wayfinding platform providing step-by-step directions to any destination within Piedmont’s hospitals and related points of interest such as urgent care locations or doctors’ offices.

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