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No-Show Woes Reduced by mPulse Mobile Appointment Reminders

Ttechnology-1000859_960_720his week, in the continuation of our new blog series, we’re taking a closer look at the impact of mobile appointment reminders.

According to mPulse Mobile’s new Outcomes Report, even well run clinics, with all the technology now available, experience a 12 percent average daily no-show rate.

Determined to make a dent in that disturbing statistic, a world-class Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) approached the matter proactively and with an eye toward technology. The IDN had been delivering appointment reminders via automated telephone calls, but it was neither the most consumer-friendly nor most effective solution.

In an effort to reduce no-shows, the IDN contacted mPulse Mobile, whose expertise aligns with the shifting trend towards text as the consumer preferred channel of communication. Per the findings of a 2016 survey by Sequence, when it comes to communications with healthcare providers, text messages are now preferred over phone calls by a majority of patients.

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Samsung Health Fact Sheet

Samsung, Pebble Reaping the Rewards of Wearables BoomSamsung Health is the new S Health. It’s packed with all of the features you know and love—track your steps, record your daily activities, get health tips, even challenge friends to fitness goals. Samsung Health adds several new features including telehealth, personalized insights, social capabilities, and a new UI. The service is designed to empower individuals to transform their health, showing trends for various activities, health insights and helpful feedback to create more engagement.

Samsung Health is your mobile one-stop shop for health and fitness

  • Manage your personal health through goals and trackers: Samsung Health’s “Me” feature includes access to over 100 lifestyle, food and fitness trackers to track your progress. Samsung Health features integrated intelligence. “Health Insights” analyzes your activity and gives you the extra push you need to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Connect with people who care: Samsung Health’s “Together” feature includes a steps leaderboard, which allows you to compare fitness goals with your friends and 1×1 challenges to compete against your friends.
  • “Ask an Expert”: A service that makes it easy to connect, via video, to a board-certified doctor.
  • Stay on top of health trends and news: Samsung Health’s “Discover” function features health-related content, updated daily, to help you stay in-the-know on all things health.
  • Keep your personal info secure: Samsung Health utilizes encryption on Samsung devices to keep your data more safe and secure.
  • Get Rewarded too: Samsung Rewards is coming to Samsung Health. Users will get rewarded for getting started with Health Insights and for registering for Ask an Expert.

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Tactio Cited by BERG Insight Among Top mHealth Care Delivery Platforms

TactioRPM Touts FDA RegistrationCanadian media outlets are reporting that Tactio’s app-enabled telehealth solution, TactioRPM, is referenced as one of the top mHealth care delivery platforms by leading M2M/IoT market research firm Berg Insight.

The reference comes in the 8th edition of its mHealth and Home Monitoring report.

“Care delivery platforms are software solutions that enable the remote delivery of healthcare services and care efforts to be coordinated between patients, various professional caregivers and other stakeholders such as the patient’s family,” the provided report summary reads, adding that care delivery platforms will be instrumental for engaging patients in their own care and delivering remote monitoring services to a large number of people in a cost-efficient manner.

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Clients and Care Plans: mPulse Mobile Solution Boosts Rx Refill Rates

Electronic Data May Assist Hospitals with Medication AdherenceThis week, in the continuation of our new blog series, we’re exploring what happens to patients after diagnosis and instructions are provided by their doctors and healthcare professionals. Sadly, 50 percent of patients do not adhere to the care plans recommended by their physicians.

Consider the case of a large Integrated Delivery Network (IDN), which was concerned about the low medication refill rates among its Medicare patients with chronic conditions. According to mPulse Mobile’s Outcomes Report, call center outreach to this population only achieved an 8 percent refill rate — and the costs were high. Email and paper reminders did not drive any increases in refill rates.

Soon the IDN firm’s Pharmacy Operations Director engaged mPulse Mobile, a company that provides mobile engagement solutions for healthcare, to help devise a better solution to increase the refill rates and reduce the workload demands on the pharmacy call center staff.

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Connance Teams With Text-First, Mobile Patient Engagement Solution Provider

Connance Teams With Text-First, Mobile Patient Engagement Solution ProviderConnance, a leading provider of healthcare predictive analytics solutions, has partnered with CareWire, a text-first, mobile patient engagement solution provider, to integrate a new set of predictive analytics into CareWire’s HIPAA-compliant messaging platform for patients.

Connance and CareWire are piloting the solution and anticipate general release of the enhanced capabilities in Q4.

We’re told that CareWire will incorporate the Connance predictive analytics solution into its existing platform to further enhance messaging tactics and personalize interactions.
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mPulse ‘Patient Access’ Mobile Solution Outperforms Online Ads, Mail

mPulse ‘Patient Access’ Mobile Solution Outperforms Online Ads, MailLast week mHealthWatch announced a new blog series offering an unprecedented glimpse into innovation in action in the world of mHealth.

Beginning today and for the next four weeks, MHW will highlight a different but equally instructive and inspiring success story in the mHealth space culled from the insightful findings presented in mPulse Mobile’s new Outcomes Report.

First up is a case study showcasing the power of a mobile solution to outperform online ads and mail.

It’s a sad fact of the current state of healthcare that more than 50 percent of individuals with ‘moderate mental illness’ do not receive treatment. Correspondingly, a major dilemma has been how to reach and engage healthcare consumers. But that could soon change, thanks to programs like the one designed by mPulse Mobile. As an illustrative case study, for example, a recent success story points the way to better results.

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Access to Philips Respironics EncoreAnywhere Data Improves Physician Monitoring of Patient CPAP Therapy

Philips RespironicsSomnoware, a top provider of digital health technology, announced ahead of the weekend that Philips Respironics, a global leader in the sleep and respiratory markets, has signed an agreement to grant direct access to all CPAP usage data stored in their EncoreAnywhere patient management system with consent from the physicians or health system.

“This data is fully accessible to independent and network practices alike via the new Somnoware care management module,” a media release notes. “By having access to this data, physicians can use Somnoware to setup their patients with CPAP devices faster and provide them with better long-term care.”

When using the Somnoware DME module, the DME company receives an order from the physician to have a patient set up with a CPAP device and sends the setup data to the EncoreAnywhere.

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