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UroChoice Tapped for New Technology By Indiana Company

Northeast Indiana Urology, a team of 14 board-certified clinicians specializing in adult men’s and women’s urological care maintain more than 70 staff members over 11 offices in the Northeast Indiana and Van Wert, Ohio areas.

Earlier this month, they made the decision to move in a new direction to meet their technology needs.

iSalus Healthcare, creators of UroChoice, have nearly 20 years of experience in the healthcare technology industry. Built specifically for Urology Providers in the United States, UroChoiceTM removes the excess information that physicians in this field do not need to make their documentation experience more efficient and satisfying overall.

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Yoti and LedgerState Talk Personal Data in Davos

This morning in Davos, Switzerland, Yoti and LedgerState showcased to the World Economic Forum how governments and other organizations can capitalize on evolutions in blockchain technology to store personal data of their citizens and customers.

Yoti, the digital identity platform, lets people create verified digital identities through their free smartphone app. The app uses facial recognition technology and a security team to match facial biometrics to approved photo IDs.

These digital identities can then be written to a private ledger using an evolution of blockchain technology called Hashgraph. Hashgraph uses an asynchronous process, meaning it is not reliant on the proof of work systems required by a synchronous solution like public blockchain solutions.

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Synapse’s BlueSee Aims to Aid the Development of Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

Product development firm Synapse, a Cambridge Consultants company, has just launched BlueSee — a new cross-platform tool, available as a phone and desktop application, for “easy debugging and testing during the development of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices.”

According to a statement emailed to MHW, BlueSee decouples firmware testing and application development for both professional and hobbyist IoT and peripheral developers, by providing a scriptable interface to interact with BLE devices.

BlueSee can be used throughout the development process, from proof-of-concept and development phases to final testing.

Using BlueSee, developers can view, filter, connect to, and interact with any discoverable BLE devices within range. Unlike other cross-platform BLE debugging tools on the market, BlueSee provides a filtration option for advertised services, which are automatically generated from scan results and from any scripts the user has installed.

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St Vincent’s Health Australia Deploys Vocera

On Wednesday, Vocera Communications — a leader in clinical communication and workflow solutions — announced St Vincent’s Health Australia is expanding Vocera technology across all its aged care facilities. The health and aged care organization selected the Vocera hands-free communication badge and smartphone application to improve workflow efficiency and staff response times.

St Vincent’s Health Australia is a leading provider of health and aged care services, employing more than 18,000 staff across its six public hospitals, nine private hospitals, and 17 aged care and retirement living facilities. After achieving impressive results from deploying Vocera wearable devices at residential aged care facility St Vincent’s Care Services Bardon, the organization began implementing Vocera technology at all its aged care facilities in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

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Insurtech Startup Wellthie Selects Teladoc for Telehealth and Consumer Engagement Solution

Wellthie, an insurance technology company offering sales technology to producer and carrier partners that wish to modernize their distribution process, has just announced its selection of the HealthiestYou telehealth and consumer engagement product by Teladoc, the world’s largest provider of virtual care delivery services.

According to a provided statement, Insurance brokers nationwide can now utilize Wellthie’s first-of-its-kind platform – Wellthie Small Group – to easily quote and enroll members to receive telehealth services.

Wellthie’s comprehensive marketplace allows brokers to shop medical and ancillary insurance for small group employer clients that are looking to offer coverage to their employees. HealthiestYou by Teladoc will be available via the Wellthie Small Group platform, comprehensive Small Group benefits marketplace that offers dynamic sales optimization tools to empower top brokers and agents nationwide.

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Publix, BayCare Team Up to Launch First Telehealth Center

Imagine if people were able to see a doctor and pick-up medications while doing their grocery shopping? That is all possible through a collaboration between Publix and BayCare Health System.

The details of the partnership were shared with MHW on Tuesday morning.

According to a provided media release, Publix and BayCare teamed up to launch Walk-In Care provided by BayCare that will be available at 26 in-store Publix Pharmacy locations by the end of the year. The telehealth center features a private room where shoppers can receive non-urgent medical care from board-certified physicians through teleconferencing and medical diagnostic equipment.

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Vidyo: New Research Reveals 75% of Healthcare Delivery Organizations Are Investing in Telehealth

Vidyo, Inc., a leader in embedded video technology, released on Monday a study detailing the commitment of healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) to telemedicine in 2018.

The data reveals that remote and video-enabled care is becoming a critical cornerstone of healthcare delivery, with over 75% percent of respondents operating or planning to launch telehealth services in the year to come.

All the fascinating details are contained in the infographic shared below.

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