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First Look: SERMO Touts New Global Physician-to-Physician Drug Ratings Tool

SERMO, the largest global social network for physicians, announced Wednesday the groundbreaking new “Drug Ratings” tool.

Drug Ratings, we’re told, is the first and only global peer-to-peer prescription drug review system sourced exclusively from verified licensed physicians.

With hundreds of thousands of ratings and comments from doctors worldwide, the platform is the largest global database of physician feedback on drugs.

Integrated into the SERMO social network, Drug Ratings gives physicians a clinical decision support tool where they can research, rate, and share their direct experience on the efficacy, safety, tolerability, accessibility, and adherence of specific drugs in real time.

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FDA Lifts Restrictions on Social Media, a leader in internet-based global real-time communications, announced Monday that the company’s real-time audio and video communication solution – Agora Video and Agora Voice – has been selected and integrated into Momo’s mobile application to power new voice and video call features.

Momo launched its location-based instant messaging app in August 2011, with a mission to help users discover and engage socially with people and communities nearby.

This feature is available for all Momo users with a version of 6.8 or later on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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Mobile Health Helps CDC and NIOSH Recognize Respirator Safety Awareness

n95logo2016On Wednesday, New York based national occupational healthcare provider, Mobile Health, confirmed its new partnership with the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to celebrate N95 Day.

Now in its fourth year, N95 Day is celebrated this year on September 6th.

Referring to the filtering facepiece respirator, the N95 in N95 Day is used in a wide array of industries such as construction, healthcare, gardening, and more.

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Leading Social Network for Doctors Welcomes Mexican and Spanish Physicians

Leading Social Network for Doctors Welcomes Mexican and Spanish PhysiciansSERMO, a leading social network for doctors (with nearly 470,000 members in seven countries), has just announced its latest international expansion.

The move in question, we’re told, opens the platform’s doors to 260,000 Mexican and 232,000 Spanish doctors.

SERMO is the largest global social network exclusively for physicians available now in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the US.

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Facebook Bringing AMBER Alerts to Mobile, Online Platform

Facebook Bringing AMBER Alerts to Mobile, Online PlatformThe world’s largest social network plans to use its expansive social reach to help in times of great crisis and the worst possible emergency a parent can imagine.

On Tuesday, Facebook confirmed publicly that it will start displaying AMBER alerts (alerts designed to notify the public in a designated region about a missing or abducted child) both on its mobile app and its website.

The effort stems from Facebook’s collaboration with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
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Beware the Twitter Pushback: Let Dr. Oz’s Recent Foray Be a Lesson to Us All

Beware the Twitter Pushback Let Dr. Oz's Recent Foray Be a Lesson to Us All

As many people are now discovering, Twitter may be the medium for getting a message out — but don’t expect the replies to be all unicorns and puppies.

Take the example of Dr. Oz, the earlier much-touted and now much-lambasted medical media darling, whose Twitter foray turned into a vicious fray.

According to a post at Vox, when Dr. Oz recently asked for people to submit health questions via Twitter, it might have been enough to force the good doctor to check his own blood pressure.

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Facebook Entering The World Of Healthcare?

Facebook Entering The World Of HealthcareYou almost had to expect this kind of move at some point from Facebook.

Many new methods of managing healthcare electronically are being developed across the medical and mobile worlds today, and even social media platforms are now considering the ways in which online health initiatives fit into their structure.

Facebook’s first online health initiative was the 2012 “organ-donor status initiative” that led to 13,054 new donors on the first day—which was 5 times the normal daily registrations of closer to 600.

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