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First Look: Tabula Rasa HealthCare Named Best Performing IPO Among Top 50 Digital Health Companies in 2017

MHW has learned that Tabula Rasa HealthCare, Inc., a healthcare technology company advancing the field of medication safety, was named by Rock Health as the best performing IPO among digital health companies in 2017.

According to a provided release to media, the Rock Health announcement released December 4 stated: “Tabula Rasa HealthCare provides at-risk healthcare organizations technology and services to optimize medication regimens with the goal of reducing hospitalizations, lowering costs, and mitigating risk. Tabula Rasa stock is up 140% based on YTD growth, which is the largest percent increase among public digital health companies in 2017.”

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Nurse-Physician Collaboration: Harnessing the Power of Health IT to Improve Patient Outcomes

The following is a guest contributed post to MHW from Aparna Bala, Registered Nurse and Clinical Transformation Consultant for AirStrip.

Most physicians have long enjoyed the benefits of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. As health systems focused on ensuring doctors had access to state-of-the-art health IT to monitor their patients when they couldn’t be at the bedside, the quality of tools and pace of adoption for nursing solutions did not keep up. In some situations, nurses received bulky phones that could only be used within the walls of the hospital, while physicians needed to download specific apps on their own devices to receive calls from the nurses’ devices. Technical difficulties were frequent. In other situations, health systems tried rolling out solutions to nurses that had been used successfully by physicians. Unfortunately, those solutions were not always conducive to nurses’ workflow.

Technology should help level the playing field. The selection of technology which promotes effective collaboration across the entire care team – whether it be devices or just the software and mobile apps – is critical to ensuring that everyone understands what information is available and how to read, share and act on it. By deploying the same health IT tools across the board, hospitals and health systems can further bridge this gap between doctors and nurses, facilitating better collaboration and fostering a more trustworthy and encouraging environment. Additionally, by rolling out deployments to all care team members at the same time and providing joint trainings on how to best use these tools, care teams will be more unified in their approach to care delivery.

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WebRTC Ventures Unveils New Email Course – HIPAA WebRTC Video in Telehealth

MHW learned Tuesday that WebRTC Ventures — a provider of custom, real-time applications with video, voice, and data exchange — is rolling out its offering of a free email course on the future of video in healthcare and telehealth.

“Telehealth is gaining much attention lately due to its many benefits to both providers and patients like: reduced healthcare costs, higher quality patient care, easier follow-up appointments which lead to reduced hospital readmission rates, improved quality of life for patients and access to quality providers for remote patients… just to name a few,” the company tells us.

Arin Sime, CEO of WebRTC Ventures said, “We have been contacted by many companies interested in learning more about how to apply WebRTC video communications in telehealth applications, and so we decided to offer this email course to share the best practices that we’ve learned working with telehealth solutions in the US and Australia.”

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With Healthcare Market Saturated with Tablets, What’s Next for These Devices?

doctor-tablet-opt_0The overall decline of the worldwide tablet market will persist for the remaining months of 2016. But bright skies line the horizon.

For this year, growth (year-over-year) will reach an all-time low of -11.5% and there will be shipments of just 183.4 million units, according to forecast data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker.

So when will the turnaround commence?

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The American Academy of Pediatrics Reconsiders Position on Smartphones, Tablets

The American Academy of Pediatrics Reconsiders Position on Smartphones, TabletsMaybe a little bit isn’t so bad.

That seems to be the new opinion of The American Academy of Pediatrics when it comes to mobile device usage among children.

“A new study,” USA Today reports, suggests  that nearly “one in four parents is using a mobile device to put their young children — sometimes their very young children — to sleep.”
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iPad Pro May Become a Hospital Staple

iPad Pro May Become a Hospital StapleOn Wednesday, Apple unveiled the biggest thing in the history of its tablet line — and we mean that literally.

And the all-new iPad Pro, which features an impressive 12.9-inch Retina display with 5.6 million pixels, the most ever in an iOS device, could become the hottest tablet among healthcare professionals.

With healthcare organizations and medical practices large and small looking for more screen real estate and flexibility with their mobile devices, this may be just what the doctor ordered.

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TruClinic Partners With Google To Deliver Secure Telemedicine Via Chromebooks

TruClinic Partners With Google To Deliver Secure Telemedicine Via ChromebooksTruClinic is one of the leading telemedicine health care solutions today for hospitals and healthcare providers around the globe. In a recent announcement, TruClinic revealed that it has partnered with Google for Work to create a streamlined telemedicine solution via Chromebooks.

Currently, hospitals and medical professionals access TruClinic through their mobile device of choice, but can now invest in a Chromebook laptop that comes standard with the TruClinic telemedicine software, as well as other healthcare applications required for patient care.

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