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NEWS: Global Partnership for Telehealth Presents to Association of Social Work Boards

News Release: Sherrie Williams, COO of the South Georgia telemedicine networking agency Global Partnership for Telehealth, led one of several strategic planning focus groups at the Association of Social Work Boards’ 2018 Educational Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Saturday morning. Williams’ presentation, titled “ePractice Across State Lines,” focused on educating social work licensing regulators about the ever-shifting technological landscape.

Williams, a licensed clinical social worker herself, said the ASWB tapped her for the presentation due to her vast experience in telehealth. “I was asked to provide ‘food for thought’ to these regulators so that when they put pen to paper, they have a much clearer understanding of what is happening in the telehealth marketplace in terms of legislation, rules, and trends,” she said.

According to Williams, writing sensible rules to govern social workers in the current electronic age is a delicate task. “My encouragement to them was to think strategically,” Williams said. “Technology changes at the speed of light. Regulators need to plan for the future and not necessarily the now.”

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First Look: Global Partnership for Telehealth Honors Partners at 9th Annual Conference

Media Announcement: Georgia-based telehealth networking agency Global Partnership for Telehealth recently honored four partners with awards at its 9th Annual Conference in Jekyll Island, GA. The organization gave Piedmont Health System in Atlanta the Award for Excellence in Telehealth and honored Susan McLendon, with Meadows Regional Health System in Vidalia, with the Telehealth Leadership Award. Furthermore, GPT named Joe Tallent, Telehealth Coordinator at Effingham Health System, its Telehealth Coordinator of the Year and honored the Packer Health Clinic, based in the Colquitt County School System, as its School-Based Telehealth Program of the Year.

“The conference is a great opportunity to honor those in our network who are true telehealth champions, the ones who go the extra mile,” said Keri Brantley, Global Partnership for Telehealth’s Conference Director. “It’s GPT’s way of saying ‘thank you’ for the hard work that our partners put into their programs.”

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eWellness Developing a Tokenized Telehealth Payment System

eWellness Healthcare Corporation – a provider of the state of the art PHZIO platform for the physical therapy (PT) and telehealth markets — announced that it is developing the first tokenized physical therapy payment system for insurance companies, large scale self-insured corporations and their insured members.

We’re told that Fintech Global Consultants will assist the Company in completing this Blockchain and tokenized payment system.

This tokenized payment platform will allow patients to receive telehealth physical therapy evaluations and real-time monitored PT treatments through the use of a PHZIO token. All patient treatment records will also be blockchained within this payment system. This system will enable the confirmation of all patient treatments, which in turn will eliminate medical treatment fraud. This tokenized payment system will also eliminate all billing services for any licensed PT clinics using our PHZIO treatment system. Our tokenized payment system will also eliminate any patient co-payments.

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Global Partnership for Telehealth Touts New Telehealth Portal

South Georgia telehealth agency Global Partnership for Telehealth announced today that Pathways, the company’s newest telehealth platform, will soon be available to those in the company’s network.

According to Jerad Johnson, CTO at Global Partnership for Telehealth, the new platform will drastically reduce the amount of time that practices put into a telehealth consult. “The workflow is very intuitive and includes the ability to easily share patient information with the healthcare provider,” said Johnson. “This means the time it takes a healthcare professional to be trained for implementing telehealth into their practice will be greatly reduced.”

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ONE20 Announces Exclusive MDLIVE Offering

Access to affordable health care on the road is one of the trucking industry’s biggest challenges today. That’s why the nation’s largest free membership for professional truck drivers – ONE20 – is teaming up with MDLIVE to give members access to “affordable virtual health care.”

According to a provided media release, the ONE20 MDLIVE Program provides more benefits to drivers than any other virtual health plan.

The touted benefits include:

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TripleCare Launches Telemedicine Services

TripleCare, a national provider of telemedicine-based healthcare services to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), announced today the Company recently introduced it services to Asbury Communities. Asbury Communities, a not-for-profit organization that manages eight communities in four states and offers a range of life-enhancing services for seniors, is ranked the nation’s 15th-largest not-for-profit system serving older adults.

Recently, TripleCare launched its telemedicine services at Wilson Health Care Center, which serves nearly 300 skilled nursing residents on the campus of Asbury Methodist Village, a continuing care retirement community in Gaithersburg, Md.

TripleCare’s telemedicine–based approach brings physician coverage directly to older adults during times when community physicians are not on site, such as overnight, during the weekends and on holidays. This is when many hospital transfers from SNFs occur. Incorporating advanced technology with assistance from the community’s on-site nurses, TripleCare’s network of highly trained physicians are able to perform virtual bedside visits and treat residents in place, in real-time. TripleCare’s virtual services make it possible for its physicians to ascertain residents’ conditions and differentiate between those who can be treated on-site versus those who might require a transfer to the hospital.

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Therapia Staffing Aims to ‘Bridge the Gap’ with Telehealth Services

Therapia Staffing, a national staffing company based out of Coral Springs, Florida, has its sights set on telehealth.

When Therapia Staffing launched its therapeutic staffing service, we’re told that they “quickly found a huge gap between the demand for therapeutic services and the availability of therapists in underserved or geographically remote areas.”

The need was particularly dire in schools, especially those in remote areas.

Therapia Staffing responded and immediately committed to increasing access to speech, behavioral and other therapies for students who were not receiving the appropriate support and services because of their geographic location or lack of specialists in their area. Therapia Staffing experts knew the answer was to bring the providers to those in need via online therapy.

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