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Therapia Staffing Aims to ‘Bridge the Gap’ with Telehealth Services

Therapia Staffing, a national staffing company based out of Coral Springs, Florida, has its sights set on telehealth.

When Therapia Staffing launched its therapeutic staffing service, we’re told that they “quickly found a huge gap between the demand for therapeutic services and the availability of therapists in underserved or geographically remote areas.”

The need was particularly dire in schools, especially those in remote areas.

Therapia Staffing responded and immediately committed to increasing access to speech, behavioral and other therapies for students who were not receiving the appropriate support and services because of their geographic location or lack of specialists in their area. Therapia Staffing experts knew the answer was to bring the providers to those in need via online therapy.

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First Look: WellDoc’s Digital Platform for Type 2 Diabetes Powers ‘Diabetes Wellness Program’ Within Samsung Health

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and WellDoc, a leading digital therapeutic company, announced today that Samsung Health users now have access to a new consumer version of WellDoc’s digital platform known as the Diabetes Wellness Program (DWP).

The DWP, which is integrated within the Samsung Health service, is a 12-week health and wellness program developed in collaboration with key partners, including the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). It is designed to help adults with type 2 diabetes achieve a healthy lifestyle and to help manage their condition.

Samsung Health is a personal health service designed to empower individuals to manage their health and fitness. It features a comprehensive platform that displays user activity trends and provides health insights, telehealth services and helpful feedback to connect users, friends and experts all while promoting healthier lifestyles.

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VideoMost Helps Anet in Japan with Telemedicine and Enterprise Sales

On Friday, SPIRIT DSP — a communications technology company with software products serving more than 1 billion people in over 100 countries — announced that both Hokkaido Kin-ikyo Public Interest Association of Medical Service for Workers and Kawasaki-based SWCC SHOWA are using its VideoMost-based on-premise videoconferencing product delivered by Tokyo-based Advanced Network Systems Co (Anet).

“Telemedicine is a hot trend increasing use of video communication technologies and services as it allows for providing medical services without necessity to bring patients and medical personnel together in one place,” reads a media statement emailed to MHW.

Japan is leading the world with an average life-span of 83.7 years largely thanks to quick development and adoption of the newest medical technologies by the society.

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First Look: TeleSpecialists Touts Partnership Milestone

mHealthWatch learned ahead of the weekend that TeleSpecialists — a company focused on bringing real-time expertise virtually to hospitals across the U.S. — is now servicing over 100 hospitals nationally in 18 states.

Founded in 2014 as a telemedicine company, TeleSpecialists helps facilities “build custom TeleStroke and TeleNeurology programs within the infrastructure of their hospitals utilizing existing EMR and Computerized Physician Order Entry.” The objective? To drive lean implementation of a first-rate telemedicine program and provide ongoing access to experienced, high-quality specialists.

“We’re proud to be growing our relationships, and with over 3,500 consults per month, we’re confident we’re making a difference in our communities and patients’ lives,” said CEO Dr. Nima Mowzoon.

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First Look: Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice Improves Patient Outcomes by Expanding Telehealth

MHW learned Tuesday that Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice, greater Toledo is leveraging technology to improve health outcomes for their patients with chronic diseases.

Telemonitoring is booming as healthcare agencies turn to simple technology to enhance the quality of care in the home and reduce overall healthcare costs for chronic disease management.

“Thanks in part to a generous grant from the Verizon Foundation, in November 2016, Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice partnered with Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), an innovative software company, to provide continuous care for patients with chronic diseases,” reads a company statement emailed to MHW.

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PresenceLearning Expands Its Battery of Offerings

PresenceLearning, a leading telehealth network of live, online special education related service providers, is announcing an addition to the research base for the equivalency of remote psychoeducational assessments featuring the Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales, Second Edition (RIAS-2).

According to an emailed statement, this research follows a 2016 independently verified study that demonstrated that live, online administration of the Woodcock-Johnson IV cognitive and achievement tests by credentialed school psychologists using our secure platform produces equivalent results to traditional, onsite administration.

PresenceLearning is the only company exclusively authorized by both PAR, Inc. and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to administer the RIAS-2 and Woodcock-Johnson IV batteries online. Using PresenceLearning’s live teletherapy environment, psychoeducational assessments are administered via secure, interactive video by remote school psychologists, enabling schools to quickly and effectively conduct initial, re-evaluation, and triennial assessments.

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InTouch Health Applauds What It Calls ‘Groundbreaking Telehealth Legislation’

InTouch Health, a leading enterprise telehealth platform and the market leader in telestroke care, is celebrating what it calls a major policy win for the telemedicine industry.

Early today, Congress passed legislation expanding Medicare reimbursement for telestroke services, one of several provisions included in the Chronic Care Act [S. 870 (115)].

This groundbreaking legislation – which also enables patients receiving home dialysis to check-in with their doctors remotely; Medicare Advantage plans to offer expanded coverage for telehealth services; and Accountable Care Organizations to have more flexibility to use telemedicine – is a promising indication of growing bipartisan support of telemedicine as a critical solution for the healthcare cost and delivery challenges that have plagued the country.

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