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Akos, Castle International Announce Strategic Telehealth Partnership

Akos, a leading telemedicine provider, and Castle International, an innovator in healthcare that specializes in unique medical services and cost containment solutions, confirmed to MHW today a new strategic partnership to help deliver a “seamless and more affordable healthcare experience throughout their global network with the launch of CONNECT powered by Akos.”

CONNECT members are now capable of taking advantage of the integration between the two businesses. This one-of-a kind partnership allows for the highest level of telehealth solutions and technology anywhere across the globe.

The product integration is an extension of Castle International’s CONNECT Network, which offers business and organization members unparalleled access to specialized medical services, including clinical logistics, staffing, aeromedical support through Castle MedFlight, telemedicine, aviation charter and cost containment solutions.

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TripleCare Tapped for CMS Telemedicine Study

We can now confirm that TripleCare, a national provider of telemedicine-based healthcare services to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), has been selected to participate in a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) study evaluating the cost effectiveness of telemedicine utilization in SNFs.

According to a statement emailed to MHW, the one-year study is intended to assess the benefits of telemedicine-based virtual physician services, which are used to prevent both avoidable nursing-home-to-hospital admissions and readmissions, and to estimate the economic impact on Medicare, Medicaid and the participating SNFs.

The TRECS Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving care for seniors while decreasing healthcare costs, is leading and managing the study while TripleCare is providing the virtual physician services.

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Cloudbreak Health Makes Strategic Executive Hire

Ahead of the weekend, Cloudbreak Health, LLC — a leader in telemedicine solutions — named health tech industry veteran, Eric Gombrich, as Executive Vice President of Partnerships.

We’re told that Gombrich has three decades of expertise in the health technology, informatics and biotech industries.

“Eric’s thought leadership and deep experience in building strategic partnership teams will be a great addition as we expand our unified telemedicine offerings to new use cases to serve our existing and future clients better,” said Jamey Edwards, co-founder and CEO of Cloudbreak Health. “Eric’s mission will be to make sure our partner healthcare facilities derive the most value and ROI possible from the platform, turning their telemedicine investment into a strategic asset.”

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GlobalMed ‘Leapfrogs Competition’ with Telemedicine Platform

MHW learned ahead of the weekend that GlobalMed is striking to continue redefining telemedicine with the current release of its eNcounter platform.

The eNcounter platform, we’re told, “revolutionizes how practitioners and patients interact, allowing for seamless continuity and continuation of care, both clinically and at home.”

Contrary to competitors’ singularly software and “symptoms only” approach to telemedicine, GlobalMed’s eNcounter platform integrates best-of-class consumer-facing functionality with clinical and non-clinical data-driven devices and wearables, allowing for responsible, outcome focused and evidenced-based consultations.

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ApolloMed Takes Minority Equity Stake In Telehealth Company

Apollo Medical Holdings — an integrated population health management company delivering value-based care — has taken a minority equity stake and board seat in Florida-based telehealth company LifeMD.

Additionally, Warren Hosseinion, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of ApolloMed, will take a seat on the LifeMD Board of Directors.

Based in Boynton Beach, Florida, and currently providing telehealth services in 43 states, LifeMD is touted as a leading comprehensive telehealth company with a proprietary platform that delivers a fully-integrated telehealth solution which allows healthcare providers and patients to connect and manage medical conditions which can be treated and monitored remotely.

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AdvancedMD Touts New Doctor Reputation Tool

MHW learned this morning that AdvancedMD — a pioneer in integrated provider and patient workflow for independent physician practices — has just launched AdvancedReputation.

The tool in question is hailed as being a new addition to its unified medical office technology platform that makes provider reputation management easy.

In short, it allows practices to build a positive online reputation for their practice, providers and staff using automated surveys to gather patient feedback about recent office and telemedicine visits.

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eWellness, Total Release Physical Therapy Ink Integration and Marketing Agreement

MHW learned Wednesday that eWellness Healthcare Corporation — a provider of telehealth solutions for clinical practices — has forged a new partnership with Total Motion Release Seminars (TMR).

TMR, if you’re not familiar, is a proprietary physical therapy methodology developed by Tom Dalonzo-Baker, MPT.

“TMR is a full-body oriented assessment and treatment approach which helps patients reduce their pain and impairments which are limiting their function,” an emailed statement reads. “This treatment approach is uniquely created to allow physical therapists to interact and treat their patients remotely so integration with PHZIO is expected to be widely adopted within the TMR community.”

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