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AASM Survey Finds Patients are Ready to Use Telemedicine

Telemedicine News: More than half of all U.S. adults already are using live video technology for conversations or meetings, and 60 percent would be willing to use that technology for interactions with doctors and other health care professionals, according to a recent survey from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). In fact, more than two-thirds of adults indicated that they would use a live video meeting in some capacity to see a sleep specialist.

The survey of 1,001 U.S. adults shows that:

  • About half of U.S. adults are willing to use telemedicine to see their primary care physician
  • 68 percent are willing to use a live video visit to see a doctor who specializes in treating sleep disorders for either an initial consultation, follow-up appointment or therapy session

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Report: Majority of Parents Plan to use Telemedicine for Pediatric Care

On Wednesday, new findings were released by Nemours Children’s Health System that show 64 percent of parents polled have used or plan to use telemedicine within the next year for their child.

The survey, Telemedicine in America 2017: Parents Use of Virtual Visits, found that only 15 percent of parents have tried these services, but a strong majority is receptive to online doctor visits for common childhood ailments and routine well-child visits.

“As parents look to raise children with accessible and evidence-based health care, telemedicine can be a convenient and high-quality option for busy families,” said Gina Altieri, CPA, Senior Vice President and Chief of Strategy Integration for Nemours. “Even though use of telemedicine is climbing slowly, our findings show that we are on the cusp of a breakthrough in adoption as families are becoming more interested and accepting of receiving care virtually.”

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Kura MD Enters Network Agreement with Coventry

Injured workers will now be able to meet with physicians specialized in workers’ compensation injuries by phone or video when their employers participate in Coventry’s telemedicine program.

According to an announcement provided to MHW, Coventry is expanding its PPO Network offering to include Telemedicine network partners such as Kura MD. This use of telemedicine will initially be through Coventry’s nurse triage service, NT24.

“Employers face rising medical expenses for their workers who can be impacted by inefficient utilization of healthcare resources when seeking care following an injury on the job,” said Kevin Hamm, Kura MD’s chief executive officer. “Kura MD’s goal is to provide injured workers greater access to medical services by offering healthcare via our virtual medical clinic. Individuals with a work related injury can access Kura MD by phone or online via secure video using a smartphone, tablet, or computer 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”
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House Calls Stage a Comeback with Medpod

MHW learned Tuesday that the team at Medpod has just announced MobileDoc — a compact medical office in a bag that stands to “dramatically advance telemedicine, reduce healthcare costs and provide greater access to care for Americans.”

In short, we’re told, it’s a comeback opportunity for the old-fashioned house call.

While telemedicine connections using video or Skype have been conducted before, this is the first time a remote connection between patient and physician has enabled the physician to receive and analyze diagnostic information from an array of professional medical devices in real-time.

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Philips Introduces New teleICU Enterprise Software at ATA 2017

Royal Philips, a global powerhouse in health technology, announced the debut of its eCareManager 4.1 enterprise telehealth software this week at the American Telemedicine Association’s Annual Telemedicine Meeting & Trade Show (ATA 2017) in Orlando, Flordia.

This latest advanced telehealth technology builds on Philips’ “proven success in delivering population health management solutions to help combat shortages of critical care teams by providing actionable insights to help improve outcomes in the most complex patient cases,” the company says.

Additionally, the streamlined workflows of eCareManager 4.1 allow intensivists to provide more efficient care across a larger patient population, allowing for greater scale and potentially reducing operating costs.

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New AASM Sleep Select Video Platform Accelerates Telemedicine Integration

Ahead of the weekend, MHW learned that the American Academy of Sleep Medicine introduced AASM Sleep Select, a streamlined telemedicine system that enables sleep medicine professionals, accredited sleep centers and durable medical equipment (DME) providers to rapidly improve patient access to care by integrating secure video visits.

AASM Sleep Select is a sleek, state-of the-art system comprising the two elements that are essential for a quick entry into telemedicine: a HIPAA-compliant, web-based video platform and a patient self-pay feature that facilitates convenient, secure payments.
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eWellness Plans the Launching of Multiple New Patient, Physician & PT Centric Platforms and Mobile Apps

ewellnessBig news from eWellness Healthcare Corporation.

On Tuesday, the leading provider of the state of the art PHZIO Platform for the physical therapy and telehealth markets, announced plans to launch multiple new patient, physician and physical therapy (PT) centric platforms and mobile Apps over the next 8-10 weeks.

“We are excited to introduce these new telehealth platforms and applications,” says CEO Darwin Fogt. “These new telehealth tools will revolutionize how patients gain access to physical therapy and how PT is delivered, while tapping into the scale and reach of an Uber-style business model. We will advise the market as these new products and initiatives are launched over the next 8-10 weeks.”
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