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MedRisk Publishes New White Paper on Telerehabilitation in Workers’ Compensation

MedRisk has published “Telerehabilitation & the Injured Worker: A Practical Guide,” a white paper that explores physical therapy in the age of telemedicine and its practical application for the workers’ compensation industry.

We’re told that the white paper examines the use of telerehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries. Video conferencing, virtual home-exercise supervision and remote patient monitoring can be used to supplement traditional in-clinic care. Telerehabilitation is especially helpful for injured employees who live in rural areas, those who need a specialist or bilingual physical therapist, and for those who travel frequently for work.

“Physical therapy is often prescribed for three sessions per week for four to six weeks. That can involve a lot of time, travel and planning for the patient as well as transportation costs for the employer,” said Mary O’Donoghue, MedRisk’s Chief Clinical and Product Officer.

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SnapMD’s Virtual Care Management Platform Expands with Spanish-Language Capabilities

SnapMD, a full-service telehealth technology innovator and solutions provider, has announced that its Virtual Care Management (VCM) telemedicine platform has expanded its language offerings to include support for Spanish-speaking patients.

As a telehealth enterprise-software leader, the new multi-language capabilities further “extend virtual care access for patients and enhances the care options that healthcare providers can offer to their patient populations.”

SnapMD’s VCM telemedicine platform is designed specifically for healthcare providers to easily integrate the technology into existing operating models.

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First Look: EverythingBenefits Taps HealthiestYou by Teladoc

EverythingBenefits, a provider of comprehensive, next-generation benefits technology solutions and services, announced this week its agreement with Teladoc, Inc., the world’s largest and most trusted telehealth provider, to integrate their HealthiestYou’s solution within the EverythingBenefits platform.

This represents the first third-party integration into the EverythingBenefits suite of benefits technology products. As a result, EverythingBenefits’ growing partner distribution network of human capital management (HCM) platforms, payroll service bureaus, benefits brokers and third-party administrators will have access to the Teladoc HealthiestYou telehealth solution and expand their value offering to existing and prospective clients.

If you’re not familiar, HealthiestYou connects patients with board-certified physicians through phone calls, video chats and the award-winning HealthiestYou app to get resolution to their general medical needs, such as cold and flu, upper respiratory infections, pink eye and more.

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Lowe’s Goes Digital for Expanded Employee Benefits Support

On Tuesday, Accolade announced an expansion of its relationship with Lowe’s to further improve and simplify the company’s employee benefit offering, nearly doubling the number of Lowe’s members under Accolade’s care.

“Beginning in 2018, Accolade will become the first point of benefits support for Lowe’s employees and their families, addressing questions and needs ranging from benefits and bills to navigation of Lowe’s cutting-edge benefits ecosystem,” a provided statement reads.

In a landscape of rising health costs, Accolade has a proven model for reducing the complexity and expense of healthcare by empowering individuals and organizations to make better decisions and utilize healthcare more appropriately and efficiently.

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NetworkNewsWire Rolling Out Publication Highlighting Latest Solutions in the Telemedicine Market

NetworkNewsWire, financial news and publishing company, has just announced the publication of an editorial featuring Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc., a client of NNW that owns and operates strategically aligned healthcare service and product companies focused on the delivery of patient care, management services for physician offices, lab services, and pharma; and non-pharma medicines and alternatives to patients and consumers.

The publication, titled, “The Promise of Telemedicine for American Health Care,” highlights several health care companies that provide operative solutions to the growing telemedicine market.

“By partnering with rural doctors and Affordable Care Organizations (ACOs), Medical Innovation Holdings (MIHI) has turned the moribund telemedicine business model on its head to provide access to previously inaccessible specialty medical services,” a provided statement explains.

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ATA Supports Expanded Telemedicine Use for Opioid Crisis

The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) announced recently that it supports givernment plans to expand the reach of telemedicine to treat the nation’s opioid epidemic.

“President Trump’s action effectively directs Health and Human Services (HHS) Acting Secretary Eric Hargan, to remove the prohibition on prescribing controlled substances – including anti-addiction medicines like naloxone – currently restricted by the 2008 Ryan Haight Act,” a provided statement reads. “President Trump, by today’s action, is using a narrow provision of the law to set aside major restrictions for a declared ‘public health emergency.'”

“Allowing physicians to prescribe controlled substances by telemedicine to treat patients with addictions, using medication assisted treatments, is a very positive move and one that will certainly help more patients to access high quality treatment.” said Dr. Peter Yellowlees, ATA’s President.

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TelaCare Adds Medical ID System for Patients

TelaCare, a national telemedicine technology and services company, announced today that it has added a life-saving medical ID system in addition to its telehealth and counseling services on TelaCare, one of the fastest growing telemedicine companies.

We’re told that TelaCare’s new ViewMyID is a fully customizable emergency medical ID system for those unthinkable moments.

So how does it work? According to the formal release:

We don’t engrave your condition on our products, instead we custom engrave directions for EMS to access your complete medical information. This leads to faster and more accurate treatment. We store your emergency contacts, vitals, allergies, blood type, physician, insurance information and much more. We also notify your family if you are ever in need and your information has been accessed.

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