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Ziegler Publishes First Telehealth Sector Mapping White Paper

Proposed Telehealth Restrictions in Tennessee Cause Concern For ManyZiegler, a specialty healthcare investment bank, is out with a new white paper — “Deconstructing the Telehealth Industry,” authored by Grant Chamberlain, Ziegler’s resident telehealth expert.

Grant Chamberlain, Managing Director in Ziegler’s Corporate Finance Healthcare Practice, has developed “an in-depth white paper destructing the Telehealth industry to help healthcare providers, executives, investors, employers, legislators, payors and consumers understand the industry’s full potential.”
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University Health Shreveport/LSU Health Tap TelePREOP

University Health Shreveport LSU Health Tap TelePREOPTelePREOP, provider of a telemedicine solutions suite designed to manage the workflows associated with the pre-operative, post-operative and transitional management of patients, shared some big news with mHealthWatch this week.

The company has just announced the latest partnership with the University Health Shreveport/ Louisiana State University (LSU) Health.

The TelePREOP platform will help the University Health Shreveport to prepare their patients for surgery and incorporate cutting-edge technology to serve their populations.

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BBK Worldwide Shows Off Scalable Mobile App Platform for Optimized Study Community Engagement

On Monday, mHealthWatch learned that BBK Worldwide, a leader in patient recruitment and engagement technologies and services, is rolling out major updates to its mobile app platform.

“Powered by TrialCentralNet, the only Patient Recruitment Management System (PRMS) of its kind, the comprehensive mobile app platform allows any clinical research or healthcare organization, including sponsors, CROs, and advocacy groups, to develop and utilize custom mobile apps in weeks instead of months, and at a small fraction of the cost of in-house development,” a provided statement emailed to MHW reads.
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Text Messaging Proves Successful in Monitoring Postpartum Hypertension

Texting May Provide Critical Early Warning for Stroke VictimsThe following is a guest contributed post from Jeremy Pollack, Staff Blogger at CallFire, a cloud-based voice and text platform.

Preeclampsia is a hypertensive disorder that occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy and can be fatal to both the mother and the fetus. Five to eight percent of all pregnancies are affected by preeclampsia, and an estimated 76,000 maternal and 500,000 infant deaths are claimed each year by the disorder.

Preeclampsia is the leading cause of pregnancy-related deaths worldwide, and yet we have few options for curing this type of hypertension, short of inducing an early delivery. Unfortunately, hypertension can surface even after delivery, and is often ignored by new mothers unaware of the symptoms, or without resources to monitor this critical period post childbirth.

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HMD Launches Indiegogo Pre-Order Campaign for ‘All in One’ Device for Medical Practitioners

banner-01-2This week, the team at HMD — a multi-functional medical device company — announces the launch of their Indiegogo pre-order campaign in an effort to raise funds for manufacturing its new multi-use device, the Omni-Pro.

HMD developed Omni-Pro—the first-ever “11 in 1” patented unit for doctors and other medical practitioners on the go, to be the “Swiss Army Knife” of medical devices.

Each set features 11 commonly used components including an Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope, Tongue depressor, Blue Light Filter, Magnifying Glass, Caliper, Stethoscope, Reflex hammer, Disposable Specula, Sensory Hearing Screener, Tuning forks, Babinski test, plus a disposable Specula and dispenser—micro USB rechargeable.

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ZibdyHealth Launches the ‘Smart HIE’ Health Information Exchange

ZibdyHealth Launches the 'Smart HIE' Health Information ExchangeThis week, Zibdy, Inc. is announcing the launch of its “Smart HIE” for healthcare providers.

In the past few years, numerous health information exchanges have been established across the country to support medical data interoperability. Almost all of these exchanges have been heavily subsidized by tax payers through federal and state government grants. Now many of these exchanges are facing challenges in trying to attain financial viability, the company explained in a provided news release.

This regional Health Information Exchange (HIE) model also has a number of additional problems relating to patient care. A regional HIE rarely connects all of the healthcare providers in a region, thus leaving many patients unconnected. Given their regional focus, these HIEs are not able to share data beyond their coverage area, also limiting their scope. For those HIEs which are currently operating, another major challenge has been linking patient information from different medical record systems (due to differences in identification data between systems). Some HIEs have resorted to linking patient information with social profiles pulled off of the internet, thus jeopardizing patient privacy.

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Mount Sinai, LifeMap Solutions Expand Asthma Health ResearchKit Study

UCLA–USC Working on Technology to Predict Asthma Attacks in ChildrenThe Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and LifeMap Solutions today announced international expansion of the free Asthma Health app to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Released in March 2015 alongside the launch of Apple’s ResearchKit platform in the United States, Asthma Health enables individuals with asthma to participate in a large-scale medical research study by simply using iPhone.

The Asthma Health app, we’re told, is designed to “facilitate asthma patient education and self-monitoring, promote positive behavioral changes, and reinforce adherence to treatment plans according to current asthma guidelines.”
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