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Infographic: The State of Wearables Today

Valencell, a leading innovator in performance biometric data sensor technology, in collaboration with MEMS & Sensors Industry Group, the trade association advancing Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and sensors across global markets, recently conducted a national survey in regards to the state of wearables today.

The findings, portrayed in an infographic shared below, revealed interesting statistics about wearables users, including consumer interest in monitoring advanced health metrics like stress, blood pressure, and sunlight exposure.

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Wearable Technology Can Enhance Long Term Patient Care

The following is a guest contributed post from Chris Holbert, CEO of SecuraTrac.

Wearable technologies have been widely adopted by consumers to measure and track aspects of health. Bracelets can track steps and calorie burn, clothing can measure heart rate and VO2 levels. While adoption is slower in clinical settings some health care organizations have begun to integrate wearable technologies into patient care to create more opportunities for e-health programs and to create new data availability.

Some wearable technologies developed for the health care sector are designed to monitor patient vitals. Patients who are not in critical condition are able to receive round-the-clock monitoring from health care professionals at home or at a step-down care facility. There is no need for people recovering from basic surgeries or who have chronic conditions to remain in the hospital for prolonged periods of time. Care can be dispatched to their homes on an as needed basis if vitals stray outside a “normal” range.

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Zebra Says One-Half of Manufacturers Globally to Adopt Wearable Tech by 2022

Just when you though the momentum of wearables had reached rever-pitch, we’re hearing that the boom shows no signs of slowing.

Zebra Technologies Corporation, a market leader in mobile computers, today revealed the results of the Zebra’s 2017 Manufacturing Vision Study, a body of research analyzing the emerging trends shaping the future of industrial manufacturing.

“The global study revealed manufacturers are adopting the IIoT to enhance visibility and improve quality,” the report summary reads.

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Report: $1 Billion Potential Revenue with Green High-Tech Wearables

Proving once again that green tech is a magnet for green paper, OLIVEDA International, Inc. sees a big market for eco-friendly wearables.

The company has just announced it’s projection which calls for a potential global market for its unique green-tech wearables products of up to 10 million users and potential revenues up to $1 billion.

The wearable market is just one of the revenue streams derived from OLIVEDA’s olive tree based products, the company says.
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First Look: Toshiba to Start Mass Production of ApP Lite Processor Family IC for Wearable Apps

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation announced recently that mass production has commenced for TZ1201XBG, the latest addition to its line-up of ApP Lite application processors for IoT devices, including wearables.

The compact TZ1201XBG graphics processor is based on a high-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex®-M4F processor capable of operating at 96MHz (up to 120MHz with overdriving).

Combining the ARM core with on-chip power management gives the TZ1201XBG a low power consumption of 70μA/MHz in active mode. With a 350mAh battery and an always-on display this enables around one month between charges in second watch applications – and two months for minute watches.

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Wiivv Launches Employee Wellness Program For Emergency Workers

MHW learned Thursday that Wiivv Wearables Inc., a Vancouver and San Diego-based consumer technology company that creates custom-fit footwear products through its app, has launched an Employee Wellness program for workers on their feet.

The roll-out follows a successful pilot program with the Pacific Northwest’s renowned North Shore Rescue team.

As a commitment from the company’s record-breaking Kickstarter campaign (for their Custom Fit Sandal, the most-funded 3D-printed product ever), Wiivv recently donated 40 pairs of Custom Fit Insoles to the volunteer members of the North Shore Rescue (NSR) team.

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LumaGlo Defies Darkness with Wearable Illumination

Portland-based LumaGlo, a designer of wearable active safety gear, announced today the launch of the Crossbelt — a product that is “poised to transform a category that has remained stagnant since its inception.”

According to the official launch announcement, this new solution for runners, cyclists, walkers, and others who refuse to be relegated to a treadmill or stationary bike after sunset, provides 360 wearable illumination for the ultimate in low- or no-light visibility.

The LumaGlo Crossbelt can be preordered now at Kickstarter here.

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