Developers Encouraged to Enhance Healthcare via Digital Apps

Developers Encouraged to Enhance Healthcare via Digital Apps Omron Healthcare, Inc. recently announced the release of the Omron Application Program Interface (API) and invited mobile app developers to participate in open-source collaboration.

With the open API, developers can connect to and interact with Omron APIs using HTTPS-based request/response scenario-supported programming language and platforms.

To build a productive environment of collaboration, developers are now able to access and integrate valuable, multidimensional data on market and technology advancements from Omron.

“Omron’s mission is a world with zero heart attacks and strokes,” said Ranndy Kellogg, president and chief executive officer of Omron Healthcare, Inc. “We know that in a digital age, achieving that mission means making technology for heart health more mobile, more connected and more responsive to consumer lifestyles than ever before. By opening our API, we invite developers to help change behaviors to promote heart health.”

In order to access the API, end users must create an account for Omron Wellness, which will then send data to any partner app connected through the API via a cloud data transfer.

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