Digital Marketing the Key to Connecting with Patients for Waveny LifeCare

Digital Marketing the Key to Connecting with Patients for Waveny LifeCareAn integrated marketing plan that included social media, and upgraded website and hyper local news was what Kristin Sinatra and her team developed in order to make it easier for aging patients (and their families) to find them, and also to help them stay connected with those families.

Sinatra, marketing director for New Canaan’s Waveny LifeCare Network, discussed her plan at a recent conference held by Google in your New York City headquarters (Read more info about the conference here).

Said Sinatra about digital marketing: “It showed how on a not-for-profit budget, you can be nimble and reallocate things.”  She went on to say that “In health care, you need to be findable for people who need you most,’’ adding that “Often when people have questions, they don’t know where to turn, especially if they are in a crisis situation. The first place they’re going to turn to is the Internet.”

More and more healthcare providers today are going digital with their marketing and advertising in an effort to reach patients before they make a healthcare decision. In the case of Waveny LifeCare Network it just so happened that the company, which was rebranded in 2013, also launched its new website at the same time.

“The rebranding was perfect timing for us to revisit our website,’’ Sinatra said. “We launched a new that was highly searchable, highly shareable and a very intuitive layout. There was a lot of material and presented in a non-overwhelming way. You can glean as much or as little as you want. Our marketing mission is to help people stay informed in a variety of ways with regard to their changing preferences. It’s a mission-driven marketing strategy.”

Sinatra had the foresight to realize that, even in an industry that caters to seniors, digital would be the way to reach them in the future. In fact, volunteers at Waveny are used to help seniors learn how to surf the Internet, use Skype, and use other resources in order to stay connected with family.

In an industry where many don’t have a whole lot of time left, Sinatra has certainly put plenty of thought into how her company can better assist them with that time.

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