Don’t Mess with Texas Instruments on mHealth

Everything is bigger in Texas. And the mHealth innovations from Texas Instruments seem to follow suit. That is, bigger is always better.

TI was a certainly a big player last week at the Consumer Electronics Show where the tech innovator showed off new personalized health monitoring equipment made possible by chipsets that remotely transmit data. In other words, TI wants to facilitate a more aggressive evolution for at-home health monitors made possible by cutting-edge technologies in novel applications.

So far, TI’s prototypes for these potentially life-saving monitors span everything from wrist bands to weight-scales. One of the more significant monitors, however, is a finger mounted blood oxygen reader.

“This is clinical-grade equipment,” says Lijoy Philipose, who serves as an applications manager for TI’s Medical Business Unit. “It’s just as accurate as anything else out there.”

As the flirting between patient monitoring and mHealth solutions escalates into a full-blown marriage of modern healthcare and technology, Texas Instruments has clearly planted its flag in this rapidly evolving and expanding market.

It goes without saying that the company is in a strong position to influence the mHealth industry at large. TI, which develops and commercializes semiconductor and computer technology, is the third largest manufacturer of semiconductors worldwide.

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