Exclusive: Allscripts Team Talks Challenges and Opportunities at Health 2.0

Exclusive Allscripts Team Talks Challenges and Opportunities at Health 2.0Allscripts is not new to the healthcare ecosystem. Established in the Midwest in 1986, it has been providing Providers with Electronic Health Record management. In 2010, Allscripts merged with Eclipsys Corporation, so they are now in this combined alliance used by 180,000 Physicians, 1,500 hospitals and 10,000 post acute care organizations, with a total of 5,500 people working for the organization.

At Health 2.0, I sat down with Stan Crane AllScripts Chief Innovation Officer and Tina Joros, Director of Allscripts Developer Program, to learn more about how Allscripts is contributing towards leading the development and innovations in the EHR care management industry.

Allscripts has an OPEN API, called Unity. It allows a new group of innovators and Developers to build tools that enable new companies to integrate new ideas, products and new ways to satisfy the healthcare industry on the Provider side. The key is to help Providers provide better communication and services for the patients.

Each year Allscripts has a Code-A-Thon, encouraging new companies and startups to build their technology using their Developers tool kits, that Stan and his team have created. As Tina Joros explained, when new partners come to work with Allscripts, it is all based upon the goal of helping the doctor provide better care for their patients.

When asked about the biggest challenges in his industry today, Stanley stated that “when thinking about healthcare information technology I would have to say Interoperability is high on the list.” He went on to explain that healthcare needs to transition to a strategy that we provide the Patients data at point of need. We need to allow and provide for the Provider and the Patient to have access the data when needed, to personalize medicine for all.

Tina says she hopes to see not only doctors prescribing drugs for health conditions, but that they would also include prescribing Apps as part of the overall health of the patients, that would inform, engage and assist the patient to take better care of themselves. She would like to see Apps prescribed as often as drugs.

Some of the new innovations that Allscripts is working on with some new development partners include screens that are voice activated, ways for data to more accessible in more nontraditional ways. As well as Digital Pens that captures brush strokes of users, converting this information to be utilized in various applications , transmitted digitally.

They are always asking themselves, “How do we plan for innovation and how do we deliver on the promise of personalized medicine.” This appears to be one of the sole goals .

The Allscripts teams under Stan Crane, has this purpose and focus. How can we provide the data for both doctors and patients, at the point of need, and how can we as a EHR provide easy access of this data for all.

Not an easy goal but one that all of healthcare is striving towards.

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