First Look: New Approach to Convenient and Secure Collection of Personal Health Data for Scientific Research Identified

higi, a population health enablement company that owns and operates more than 11,000 health stations across the United States, has produced a new white paper, A Novel Approach for Conveniently and Securely Collecting Personal Health Data.

We’re told that this paper, developed in partnership with ICF, a global consulting and digital services provider, addresses the need for a convenient and secure manner for collecting personal health data in an environment where health study participation has plummeted across the country and how health kiosks and consumer wearable devices can be utilized to ensure active participants in health studies.

KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM A Novel Approach for Conveniently and Securely Collecting Personal Health Data:     

  • Health studies are facing declining participation rates due to confidentiality, inconvenience, protocol, and religious/spiritual reasons
  • Because higi has over 6 million registered users and more than 11,000 FDA cleared screening stations across the country, higi is well positioned to help the scientific community have safe and secure access to health data
  • Declining health care study participation results in studies that are more expensive, less feasible, and subject to more scrutiny
  • Using wearable devices, health kiosks, such as higi health stations, and internet-based data improves health study participation through convenience and data control.

This nine-page report was co-authored by Jeff Barkoff, Vice President of Health Solutions at higi and Charles M. Akin, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation for ICF, Lewis Berman, Vice President of ICF, and Rafiya Javed, an ICF intern. 

To check it out, click here.

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