Fisher Price: Tech for Toddlers is a Healthy Fit

Fisher Price Tech for Toddlers is a Healthy FitSince 2010, many companies have produced accessories and compatible products for Apple’s iPad. But the latest is a brand you don’t often equate with leading consumer electronics.

Coming to a store near you is the new Apptivity Seat, a Fisher Price baby bouncer that includes a special holder for the Apple iPad.

Fisher Price thinks little ones are never too little for technology. And the interest swirling around the company’s new product may prove that Fisher Price is correct.

The Apptivity Seat for iPad isn’t a prop that was cobbled together for a Saturday Night Live skit spoofing those parents who shove iPads in their toddlers’ faces. Folks this is for real. Seriously.

“Before you get all riled up, you need to know that Fisher Price isn’t marketing the Apptivity as a way for 1-year-olds to watch the latest episode of Modern Family or to play Angry Birds,” SFGate reported today. “The toy company intends parents to use apps that are suitable and appropriate for infants and toddlers, such as programs showing soothing nature scenes and black-and-white images that stimulate growing brains.”

The Apptivity Seat will retail for $80.

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