FitBit ‘Flex’ing its Mobile Muscle at CES This Week

Stopping by the FitBit display on the convention floor of CES this week, it was a terrific reminder of how mobile technologies are being leveraged to improve our health and fitness.

Touting their forthcoming release of the FitBit Flex, company representatives in the booth were enthusiastic about how FitBit fans will react to the new product – a FitBit designed for your wrist.

As you might expect, the FitBit Flex not only monitors the steps you take, the calories you burn, and even the quality of sleep you’re getting, it now syncs to mobile devices (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth and is available in enough color options to avoid any serious fashion friction. The FitBit appliance pops into any of Flex’s colorful bands – slate, teal, tangerine, etc. In short, it’s the fitness accessory that doesn’t make fashion accessorizing impossible.

So what’s the ultimate user advantage of the FitBit Flex?

“Our strength is making sure that the products are really, really comfortable to wear and to integrate into everybody’s life,” a rep for FitBit explained at CES this week. “We spent a lot of time designing this product so that it can be comfortable for people to wear 24/7.”

And that’s exactly what thousands of FitBit fans are excited to do. The new wrist-worn gadget helps users set goals, track activity and sleep trends, log food, workouts, and more. “Like with all Fitbit trackers,” the company says, “you can earn badges, connect with friends to share and compete for extra encouragement.”

With heavyweights like Nike+ FuelBand and the Jawbone Up catching on like wildfire in the wearable band space, only time will tell if the $100 FitBit Flex is truly in shape for the competitive market that awaits its arrival this spring.

So now that FitBit has graduated from the clip-on fitness tracker, will you upgrade to the FitBit Flex this spring?

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