Five Ways mHealth Can Decrease Hospital Readmissions

Short term hospital readmissions are often a serious concern after severe ailments like heart attacks, pneumonia, and congestive heart failure. If Medicare patients return to the hospital for the same condition within 30 days, it can trigger a denial of reimbursement for the provider under the new provisions of the Affordable Care Act. In addition to the potential reimbursement issues, these potentially preventable readmissions also cost money, time, and possibly loss of life.

With intervention, education, and improved communication, the number and costs of these visits can decrease significantly. mHealth and mobile devices will play a large part of those patient-doctor interactions and produce results in the changing healthcare landscape.

Here’s 5 ways mHealth can decrease hospital readmissions:

  1. Easily accessible bioinformatics would allow providers to easily determine whether a patient has a high, moderate, or low risk of readmission. This information would be shared with a multidisciplinary transitional team responsible for developing a plan of care based on that patient’s specific needs.
  2. Educating the patient about post treatment procedures and preventative measures are integral in reducing the number of hospital readmissions. For example, bedside tablets would allow nurses to give and send interactive instructions quickly.
  3. Mobile Apps allow for the seamless communication between the providers. These apps also allow patients to store information like appointment times in a central location.
  4. Systems for mobile communication and medication adherence reminders given prior to being discharged from the hospital  can ensure that providers are aware of any problems prior to the escalation of any post treatment complications
  5. Telehealth conferencing allows experts to supplement remote monitoring and benefit patients at high risk of readmission.

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These guidelines for leveraging mobility into hospitals can be followed with no doubts of success. The health care industry will be evolved with mhealth platform and the cost of health is decreased many times than involved with traditional health-care services.