Ford Exploring Ways To Support Wearable Technology In Their Cars

Ford Exploring Ways To Support Wearable Technology In Their CarsThere are many ways in which wearable technology can improve one’s health and wellness. This includes monitoring of everything from blood glucose levels, blood oxygen levels, and vital signs. With the growing popularity of wearable technology, and the direct connection between health and safe driving, Ford is now exploring ways to accommodate Internet connected devices within their vehicles.

According to the Wall Street Journal, while Ford is not looking to enter the healthcare industry, they are looking to support the daily lives of their drivers. Think of this along the same lines as having a built-in iPod jack or built-in DVD player.

With add-ons such GPS, On-Star, and options for secure internet access, even cars are becoming a technology product. Ford is simply looking for a way to further support their drivers’ technology needs, as well as further enhance and support their personal lifestyle, such as the want or need for wearable technology.

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