Global mHealth Market to Generate $2 Billion in Revenue This Year

Global mHealth Market to Generate $2 Billion in Revenue This YearVisiongain is out with a new report probing the global mHealth market and its current pace of growth.

The report in question – World Mobile Healthcare (mHealth) Market 2013-2018: eHealth, Telemedicine & Health informatics – outlines what healthcare professionals have begun to identify as key benefits of expanded mHealth adoption.

These benefist include improving healthcare system processes, collecting and retrieving crucial medical data and patients being able to manage chronic conditions better.

Visiongain estimates that the global mHealth market will generate $2 billion in revenue for 2013.

“For the healthcare industry, mobile devices represent a disruptive technology that holds the potential to transform every element of healthcare,” the report reads. “While currently in its infancy, we believe over the next five years mHealth will reach a rapid growth phase. 2013 marks an entry point for any potential ecosystem members to devise their mHealth solution and position themselves to reap majority shares of mHealth revenues.”

To learn more about the report and its projections, click here.

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