GlobalMed ‘Leapfrogs Competition’ with Telemedicine Platform

MHW learned ahead of the weekend that GlobalMed is striking to continue redefining telemedicine with the current release of its eNcounter platform.

The eNcounter platform, we’re told, “revolutionizes how practitioners and patients interact, allowing for seamless continuity and continuation of care, both clinically and at home.”

Contrary to competitors’ singularly software and “symptoms only” approach to telemedicine, GlobalMed’s eNcounter platform integrates best-of-class consumer-facing functionality with clinical and non-clinical data-driven devices and wearables, allowing for responsible, outcome focused and evidenced-based consultations.

“At the heart of our mission is to empower our customers to extend their reach through connected care and dynamic collaboration,” said Joel E. Barthelemy, founder and CEO of GlobalMed. “With the launch of our revolutionary eNcounter platform, we continue to set a new gold standard for responsible telemedicine, enabling continuous provider/patient engagement that actually leverages evidence to drive toward positive outcomes. Our philosophy, product and approach to the market differs from everyone else. When analyzing the term ‘telemedicine,’ we simply choose to focus less on ‘tele’ and significantly more on ‘medicine’.”

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