Google Glass for Doctors? It’s Happening

Google Glass for Doctors It's HappeningMost doctors agree that the hospital is the perfect testing ground for Google Glass. With more and more doctors looking for efficient ways to care for patients, many believe that the wearable tech could make healthcare more efficient and more effective. With immediate access to information, doctors can give more accurate diagnoses, communicate more effectively, and even find a way to distract anxious children in medical settings.

Most recently, the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas has been using augmented reality technology to take children on digital field trips. Not only has this been a morale-booster for children unable to leave the hospital because of medical conditions, it has also lessened the anxiety that seems innate in some children when staying in the hospital.

When it comes to the medical side of things, however, doctors are most looking forward to the instant access to medical records which is sure to occur with these kinds of wearable technologies. This means no more flipping through paper charts or lugging around a mobile device. Instead, the information is right in front of their eyes when they need it, which may be while the patient is on the operating table or having a heart attack.

Being able to simply ask whether or not the patient is allergic to something and receive an immediate visual answer is likely the biggest benefit to using Google Glass. And the healthcare industry is banking on it being a game changer for the future of patient care.

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