Healthcare IT Jobs Could Be Plentiful by 2016

Healthcare IT jobs could be plentiful by 2016Students preparing for a career in the realm of healthcare – specifically, healthcare IT – are in luck.

According to the latest industry data, jobs in these fields could be more abundant and plentiful than previously imagined as early as 2016.

Industry analysts say that, love it or hate it, the Affordable Care Act is one of the driving forces of the anticipated job boom.

“A confluence of factors is at work, but two stand out: The aging of the baby boom generation, and the passage of the health care reform law known as Obamacare,” AOL reported Monday. “Obamacare alone has had an impact that is only just being felt: At least seven million previously uninsured Americans have acquired health insurance through federal and state insurance exchanges since the law was enacted, and that number could grow as high as 30 million.”

As a result, getting into a good college that specializes in the job market opportunities available will become more a competitive process in the years ahead.

One of academia’s leading drivers of the online education boom in healthcare is AmeriTech College. Although the college is located in Utah, four years ago, the AmeriTech student body expanded beyond Utah state borders with the launch of fully online training programs.

As a result, AmeriTech College’s online educational programs are now preparing students and graduates across the U.S. for many of the hottest high-tech jobs being created in the healthcare space right now.

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