HealthKit Could Generate Billions for Apple

HealthKit Could Generate Billions for AppleIs Apple poised to broker billions in profits from its foray into the healthcare sector?

Very possibly, yes.

An illuminating recent post on the LinkedIn blog by Shekhar Sharad begins with this introduction: “If you are from the technology world and have not been sleeping under a rock for the past decade, then you would have regardless heard that Apple kicked off their WWDC conference yesterday. Apple is known for releasing really cool gadgets that all of us can geek out at; Apple definitely did that.”

Sharad then focuses on the app in question.

“While on the surface, it looks like just another cool ‘app,’ it has the potential to fundamentally change our lives – again. The app is called ‘Health.’ I will explain how I see Apple and other tech companies disrupting healthcare, and how the wearable world will indeed become a reality.”

Sharad discusses “Wearables” — the buzz word in technology circles for the past couple of years.

“From the likes of Fitbit and Nike Band to numerous pedometer apps for both iOS and Android to more serious medical condition monitoring services like blood sugar and blood pressure – there is no lack of devices that try to position themselves as THE best device to be worn,” writes Sharad. “Even Samsung came out with the Samsung Gear with health apps built-in. So why do I believe that Apple, seemingly late to the party, will disrupt healthcare and make wearables mainstream?”

Sharad’s review suggests that Apple’s entry will benefit from its well-honed tools, trackers, and apps.

“Let’s say that a person has a blood pressure condition and has to ensure that their pressure is maintained at a certain prescribed level. The doctor has also advised the person to get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise, and ensure they sleep at least 8 hours at night. The ideal answer for the person would be that there is one device that they can buy that can monitor all of these different conditions,” writes Sharad.

Sharad hints that Apple has “only one goal – that is to equip every single person in this world with an iOS device.”

“To achieve this goal, they have to find areas that are indispensable to us as human beings. Music is dispensable. Videos and games are dispensable. The smartphone is dispensable. However, our health is indispensable. And Apple saw an opportunity here – while there are several gadgets to track vitals – there was no infrastructure that helped connect them together and more importantly, no system for doctors to monitor the data collected by these gadgets and provide real-time diagnosis/treatment. The Health app does exactly that.”

“This is revolutionary,” Sharad concludes.

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