Hospitals Begin Posting Doctor Ratings Online

Hospitals Begin Posting Doctor Ratings OnlineIn a move that has been met with some confusion, the University of Utah Health Care Hospital has begun to post reviews of their doctors online.

This began, however, as a way to augment bad reviews which are commonly found online. Because more people will go online to leave a bad review than to leave a good one, the hospital found that the ratings of many of their doctors were skewed negatively, when they knew that individual interactions with doctors were positive on the whole.

To counteract the bad reviews, the hospital has revealed the results of patient satisfaction surveys. “We knew our patient satisfaction scores were really strong and we had a good story to share with our patients,” said Brian Gresh, the Senior Director of Marketing at University of Utah Health Care.

Other hospitals are following suit, especially once discovering poor reviews of their doctors online despite positive verbal reports. Many hospitals have made the effort to collect patient satisfaction ratings in order to monitor their doctors and are now finding this information useful in marketing efforts.

As the internet has become more prevalent than ever today in the healthcare space, more people are using it to find ratings on local doctors before scheduling a visit. If reviews are negatively skewed, they will have a difficult time picking an otherwise qualified healthcare provider.

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