How The Healthcare Industry Can Reach More Millennials Online

How The Healthcare Industry Can Reach More Millennials OnlineWhile there are now many leading healthcare related websites that are designed to support healthy living, most are not doing an adequate job of reaching Millennials.

When it comes to web browsing habits, Millennials expect information to be fast and easy to obtain. As for most health-centric websites, they lack the speed and efficiency that Millennials gravitate toward.

An excellent example of the healthcare industry not successfully connecting to Millennials is the website. Millward Brown Digital estimates that 56.8 million Americans visited this website within the first seven days of going live. Another 3.2 million began the registration process, however, only 1.01 million successfully registered online.

While experience significant bandwidth issues, conversions should have been significantly higher. If the healthcare industry wants to successfully connect with Millennials in the near future, they should consider the 3 tips below.

Audio and Video

Millennials respond well to educational videos and audio, and prefer both to even the most detailed pages of written text. Audio and video can be used to show users how to navigate the website, and to educate them on the steps they need to take or process they need to complete. When a video is present on a webpage, it automatically indicates where they can go to learn more.

Make Communication Easy

Most Millennials do the vast majority of their communication via their electronic devices. This means the healthcare industry will benefit from adding instant messaging, SMS messaging, and click-to-Skype tools to their website.

Improve Website’s Visual Appeal

Websites related to the healthcare industry want to ensure that their website is not too loud, not too busy, and looks clean and professional. However, this does not mean that there should not be visual appeal in graphic design and page layout. Too many websites in the healthcare industry post long chunks of text with little to no separation. While desired information is there, it is not presented in a manner that appeals to Millennials, or most online consumers for that matter.

Bullet points, checklists, and headings can go a long way in increasing user engagement.

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