Infographic: The Link Between Digital Health and Self Diagnosing

Infographic The Link Between Digital Health and Self DiagnosingNearly two-thirds of Americans now turn to online and mobile resources to research their medical questions and whatever ails them. Approximately half of these individuals then go on to diagnose themselves.

Understandably, this reality has raised no shortage of concerns among healthcare professionals.

“You need a healthcare professional to break it down for you — that’s what we are trained to do,” says Dr. Chris Balgobin of Fairview Clinics. “Yes, there are delayed diagnoses. Finding that right provider that will listen to you and help engage you in an active discussion about your health. A physical exam is a huge part of this, too.”

A recently published infographic highlights the emerging trend of self-diagnosis and points to some alarming problems that must be addressed.


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Tenzin Namdak
Tenzin Namdak

These statistical numbers look very practical to me. But silver lining here is - This is a pointer for medical doctors, physicians, hospital, pharma on how best they can get the inquisitive person to them directly instead of relying on someone elses opinion who may or may not know the fact. Some of the hospitals have great tool to find out the ailment by finger pointing on the part of the body and get to the root cause and then see a doctor for which they are suffering from. Can rest of the hospital be more technology innovative.. This is a good read. Thanks.

Michael Sagar
Michael Sagar

Surely a clear case for the "Industry", clinicians, physicians and pharma companies et al to improve the quality of information that is being requested? Social Media isn't JUST impacting B2C and B2B. Healthcare needs to respond.