Isabel Healthcare, Inc. Partners with CareClix / MySpecialistMD

If you’re not familiar, Isabel Healthcare prides itself as being the only consumer tool that allows input with free text natural language (not forcing the user to a pick list of symptoms, a cumbersome avatar or to answer 25 to 35 questions).

Each diagnosis provided is also linked to consumer level medical information, providing the user with up to date, and understandable information.

It is a tool which enables the patient to research their symptoms and empowers them to discuss the findings with the CareClix / MySpecialistMD provider as partners in care in a meaningful way.

We’re told that Isabel and CareClix / MySpecialistMD “share in the mission of making medical information and services available to as many people as soon as possible.”

“The integration with Isabel provides a seamless handoff for CareClix users from understanding their symptoms to seeking care from a licensed MD from the patient’s locality” stated John Korangy, MD, CEO of CareClix. “We are pleased to extend our service offerings through the Isabel Symptom Checker, bringing two innovative technologies together to provide an enhanced user experience to our users.”

The challenge for both consumer and provider is distilling the pertinent and relevant information that can assist in patient-provider interaction and ensuring that much needed medical services are available to as broad an audience as possible in the most cost-efficient manner. Providing users of the Isabel Symptom Checker with access to services like CareClix / MySpecialistMD allows them to interact in a cost-effective manner with rigorously credentialed group of physicians.

“Consumers are turning to the Internet to answer this basic question: “I am sick where do I go to get better?”. Our goal is to help them get this answer as efficiently and cost effectively as possible without forcing the consumer to self-diagnose.” stated Don Bauman CEO of Ann Arbor based Isabel Healthcare. “Providing access to CareClix / MySpecialistMD physicians from the Isabel Symptom Checker assists with achieving that goal.”

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