JMIR: Kidney Transplant Patients Highly Receptive to mHealth Monitoring

Medical patients who have been recipients of kidney transplants are exceptionally receptive to mHealth related technologies and home-based mobile monitoring systems.

The Journal of Medical Internet Research points to new research illustrating the open arms with which kidney transplant patients welcome mobile health technology.

The data demonstrates that kidney transplant recipients have a positive overall attitude toward mobile phone based health technology. Additionally, the data demonstrates that most kidney transplant recipients own and are comfortable using mobile phones and that many of these patients already own and use smart mobile phones.

In particular, JMIR finds that the respondents feel that mHealth offers an opportunity for “improved self-efficacy” and improved “provider driven medical management.”

Perhaps most importantly, respondents were comfortable with the idea of being monitored using mobile technology and are confident that their privacy can be protected in the process.

But when it comes to opening new doors for mHealth as a means to monitor patient wellness, a major information campaign must be launched. As it turns out, 90% of survey respondents own a mobile phone. But only 7% had any prior knowledge of mobile phone based remote monitoring.

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