Lumiata Taps Yhat Platform to Serve Up AI-Powered Health Predictions

istock_office-02xYhat, a software company working to “bridge the technological divide between data scientists and engineers,” shared their latest news with mHealthWatch today.

The company is announcing that Lumiata, the AI-powered predictive analytics company, has implemented Yhat’s machine learning deployment platform (ScienceOps).

According to a provided statement, Lumiata is using ScienceOps to incorporate its proprietary health risk algorithms into their predictive tool, the Risk Matrix.

The Lumiata Risk Matrix delivers personalized, time-based predictions of an individual’s future health state based on associated clinical conditions or diagnoses, and is delivered via an API.

By leveraging Yhat’s ScienceOps, Lumiata’s data science and engineering teams can efficiently work with large health data sets to develop and deploy models that deliver individual and population-level risk predictions.

“Companies in med tech are pioneering all kinds of new AI innovations to provide better care for individuals,” said Austin Ogilvie, CEO and co-founder of Yhat. “We provide the technical infrastructure that companies need to transform statistical code on an analyst’s laptop into a product that you and I can interact with. Our hope is that we can help the companies launching these AI driven applications, and ultimately have a positive impact on the health and well-being of their patients.”

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