mHealth Marketing is Finally Maturing

mHealth Marketing is Finally MaturingmHealth is poised to come into its own this year, analysts assert, as more and more people are becoming open to the idea of using mobile devices and the Internet at large to manage multiple aspects of their own healthcare.

This is an important leap forward, but unfortunately, the mHealth platform is still not jiving well with those who could most benefit from everything mobile health tehcnologies and related resources have to offer.

The main problem that mHealth is experiencing is not related to utility or even security. The problem is how mHealth is being marketed.

Mary Zatina, the senior VP of communications for Oakwood Healthcare, recently said of patients: “We realized a while back that we were doing a poor job of meeting their needs. That had to change.”

And part of the way it can change is with better marketing of quality mobile health solutions. In her region, they have already begun to implement these superior solutions, marketing them to the people that can best use them.

Of their marketing process, she says: “We had lots of data about what people look for on mobile devices. We realized that mobile users were looking for phone numbers, directions and simple transactional information.” She continues, “We also have to create a top-of-mind awareness so that they think to look for us.”

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