mHealth Plays ‘Lets Make a Deal’ with New PokitDok App

With millions of medical patients beginning to trust their mobile devices and associated platforms as much as they trust their doctors and caretakers, a Silicon Valley-based startup is pushing a new iOS mobile app designed to connect individuals with the practitioners in specialized areas and the treatments and services they provide.

Here’s the kicker: the PokitDok app also lets patients set a budget for health services and request competitive quotes.

“This is one of the true advantages of the birth of mHealth,” Ian Hayes, a mobile tech and business analyst, tells mHealthWatch on Thursday. “Consumer – and in this case patient – empowerment is gaining remarkable traction through mHealth advancements.”

PokitDok lets users search the over 1 million practitioners in the provider database and give physicians a “quality of care” score using the PokitDok rating system.

The centerpiece of PokitDok’s new mobile app is the “Request for Quote” (RFQ) process. Building on their commitment to finding the best treatment options at a fair price, the PokitDok RFQ process gives users the ability assign a price they are willing or able to spend on a particular service and have providers bid fort heir business.

“Although going to the lowest bidder doesn’t sound ideal when it comes to receiving healthcare information and treatment,” Hayes admits, “heath and wellness are still provided in the confines of business. And PokitDok has done an exceptional thing by emphasizing quality, speciualized care on a bidget. At a time when thousands of people lose their homes and livlihoods due to medical-related bankruptcies each year, this approach makes sense for a lot of people.”

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