mHealth Regulations May Become Clearer in 2013

mHealth remains such a young industry that regulations governing its scope haven’t yet fully taken shape. According to some, the uncertainty regarding what mHealth regulations might look like in the coming years has prevented many companies large and small from fully investing in new and promising mHealth solutions.

But 2013 may bring with it some clarity – at least enough clarity to give mHealth more room to grow.

“Despite complicated regulatory hurdles,” reads a new report from FMT, “pharmaceutical companies continue to evolve their mobile health strategies in compliance with the FDA and EMA’s ever-changing and obscure guidelines.”

A freshly published study from Cutting Edge Information titled “Pharmaceutical Mobile Health: Transforming Brand Marketing, Healthcare Communication and Patient Adherence” indicates that regulatory murkiness remains to such a degree that the full benefits of mHealth aren’t being understood or enjoyed to the utmost.

But with hope that the FDA will soon provide clearer mobile guidelines for mHealth, optimism for the growth of mHealth in 2013 abounds here in the first days of this year new.

“Despite all of the uncertainties in government regulation, the outlook for mobile health in pharma is optimistic,” says Michelle Vitko, a research analyst at Cutting Edge Information. “As drug companies become more comfortable in the mobile arena, the enthusiasm about the technology grows.”

To learn more, visit the official Cutting Edge Information website here.

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