Mobile Health Monitors Making a Big Impact in India

Mobile Health Monitors Making a Big Impact in IndiaAs consumers across India grow more familiar and comfortable with mobile communications devices like smartphones and tablets, a logical consequence of that familiarity is quickly spreading to the healthcare sector within the world’s second most populous nation.

The adoption of wearable tech and other mobile health monitors and tracking devices is accelerating at a brisk pace today.

In recent days, HealthWatch Ltd., a wearable textile medical device company, announced the launch of its innovative products in the Indian market.

HealthWatch’s MasterCaution products are designed to enable continuous 12/15-lead ECG monitoring via textile garments and smartphone applications, with no lifestyle change, no matter where a person may be.

HealthWatch’s flagship product, hWear – a digital, heart-sensing garment incorporating interwoven textile electrodes for monitoring of 12/15 lead hospital quality ECGs – will now be sold throughout India.

“The garments are designed by textile experts and detect the highest quality vital signs all without adhesives, gels, or shaving preparations for both men and women,” the company said in a written statement. “The garments are machine washable and compatible with most cardiac telemetry systems. They are CE and FDA registered.”

Although the exact size of the wearable tech market in India is presently unknown, the latest industry data confirms that the market is growing fast and will likely continue to expand rapidly through the remainder of the decade.

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